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Checkers Checkered Past

Checkers checkered past came also from Egypt. This Egyptian game of checkers was very similar to the current Checkers or Draughts. The king was a short king, little, powerful and played only one point in any direction. Capturing was not always obliged as a player might decide not to take a piece. This game of checkers was rather simple but could also develop into a more complex form of play, all depending on the checkers players choices and skill level.

Like many other goods needed by different civilizations around the ancient world, checkers checkered past board games were traded readily for merchandise and became a popular commodity within other societies along the early trade route out of Africa and beyond along the Mediterranean Sea and Middle East.

It has been noted by the Greek philosopher, Plato, that his people borrowed their board games from Egypt and that Checkers or Draughts was one of the most popular to be played. The actual era that Checkers reached Athens is unknown but there is evidence that Greeks played a checkers like game in the 5th century B.C.E. under the name ‘Five lines game’ because they used five lines to delineate the playing surface of the ‘board’. Similar playing pieces were used as in the original version of this checkers game and varied only with what was available in checkers checkered past area. Ingenuity was always a part of this checkered board game.

Checkers/Draughts became so popular because the basic rules were easy to learn and the board game was easy to transport from place to place. Eventually, this popularity accounted for the game of checkers being used in proverbs so much so that if an individual had to abandon a favorable position, then the Greek stated that “He must give up the holy line”, which was the horizontal center line of the checkers board.

Through trading, Checkers Checkered Past also made its way to ancient Rome, where the game became known as ‘Twelve Pieces’ because the players used twelve men each in the play of the checkers board game. The first noted checkers/draughts player of this era was one of Rome’s most reputable citizens, Publius Mucius Scaevola. He lived in Rome during the second century B.C.E. and was said to have had such developed skills that he could play checkers blindfolded. This ancient Roman would have had tremendous visualization powers in order to accomplish this feat.

However, unlike the Greeks usage of the ‘holy line’ taken from the early checkers game, classical Roman literature does not allude to it at all; in fact, there is no such reference in later literature either. Therefore, perhaps the ancient Greek society was unique in its adaptation of the two players checkers popularity into its early philosophy.

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