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Just to point out, a checkers draw is still a win. You can play checkers online and always try for a checkers draw, also known as a checkers win. To truly understand how to play checkers online and the draw of Checkers online, one needs to realize that this game is not merely a test of what the players can remember nor is it just memorization of ‘book’ moves. Checkers is not just a ‘replay’ of standard material already published by seasoned masters. As no one has yet invented an infallible system to winning at checkers online, then it is not simply following a perfect play by play by rote memory.

Checkers is actually a test of visual and analytical skill in that the outcome innately depends on how one applies what one sees on the board.

Checkers Draw and Duel

Checkers is a duel of ideas and the winner is the opponent with the stronger, better battle strategy and ability to read the board.

It is also important to understand the reasons behind every checker move played by the opponents in the game. Even though the starting move may be a favorite, the resulting checkers game is different every time because the counter move is seldom the same and the mind behind the move looks for new opportunities at every turn. When checkers is played as the seasoned experts play it, with all the richness of ideas and exquisite economy of force, then it becomes truly enjoyable.

Don’t be afraid to use imagination, but don’t give away any hard earned secrets. Hold personal strategies deep within your heart and always keep a straight face. Tom Wiswell commented:“A lively and disciplined imagination, coupled with ability, ambition, judgment, confidence, generalship, patience, knowledge, visualization, memory, precision and finesse are the qualities needed to lead one to the coveted realm of the immortal checker master.” There is no secret rule or method to playing a better checkers draw. Checkers takes hard work, dedication and a true passion for the game. Serious interest is needed to develop depth, subtlety, precision and finesse in a sound game of checkers online or not.

Both a starting and seasoned checkers player can be innovative but not careless; each should constantly be refining personal judgment and enhancing individual powers of visualization. Thus, it is necessary to play regular practice games under a tournament time limit of 30 moves per hour. More importantly, however, the serious checkers player must play checkers online against experienced opponents, both human and computer, on a consistent basis. A checkers draw is considered much better than a checkers loss. Focus should not merely be given to the attack, but equal attention should also be given to defensive play. Set plays can indeed be learned, but there will always be times when the unexpected presents itself and it is during these times when book knowledge, experience and imagination will all come together to play a major role in achieving success.

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Checkers is a two-player game, where one player is assigned white-chip checkers and the other red. The aim is to play checkers online, capture all of the other player's checkers or make them impossible to move.

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