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Checkers Rules
and Basic Fundamentals

Standard Laws of Checkers

Checkers rules are followed during checker board game play. Basic fundamentals are used in play between two opposing players, who take alternate turns moving their checker pieces on the checker board.

~ Game Rules and Objective ~

  • This is, of course, to win the game; however, in order to do so, it is necessary to prevent the opponent from making a move, when it is his/her turn.

  • The player who can’t make a move, either because all his/her pieces have been captured or because all of his/her checkers are blocked, loose the game.

  • If neither checker player can accomplish this, then the game is ruled a draw.

  • Checker players can also resign from the game and give the opponent the victory by checkers rules default.

~ Checkerboard Fundamentals ~

  • A standard checkerboard is a square board that consists of 64 alternating light and dark smaller squares arranged in an 8x8 grid of eight rows and eight columns.

  • The squares are technically called ‘black’ and ‘white’, though game sets may offer a board in different contrasting colors.

  • The checkers rules say official board colors in a checker tournament are buff and green, where buff is ‘white’ and green is ‘black’.
Before commencing the initial play, checkers rules say the checkerboard is placed squarely between the two players with a dark square (green or black) situated on each player’s far left hand side and a light square (buff or white) on his far right hand side with the double corner in the near right corner.

~ Checker Pieces ~

  • The playing pieces are called ‘checkers’ or ‘men’ that are colored Red and White, but most often are called Black and White in publications.

  • Checkers are fashioned in a cylindrical shape, which is wider than it is high and may be made of wood or plastic.
White checkers pieceRed checkers piece

Store bought sets may have checkers of various colors and where the colors are Black and Red, the checker pieces are still called Black (or Red) and White.
  • Official Tournament checkers rules say the checkers are to be 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inches in diameter, are smooth and have no concentric designs or crown patterns on the top.
It is important that the Checkerboard and the Checkers be in contrasting colors in order to avoid fundamental problematic combinations such as a Black checker on a Black square.

~ Starting Position Rule ~

Each Checkers player uses twelve playing pieces or men that are all the same size.
  • These are placed on the 12 dark squares closest to the player.

  • One player has dark (Black or Red) Checkers and the other player plays with the light or White Checkers.

  • Red (Black) uses squares numbered 1 through 12, while White uses squares numbered 21 through 32.

  • Checkers rules note that in the diagrams of various Checkers publications, the plays are shown on the White squares for readability, but this notation is not employed in a real game.

  • The toss of a coin may determine which player uses White checkers and which uses Red (Black) checkers, or a random choice of color may be made.

  • After the first game checkers rule, the Checkers players will alternate colors with each subsequent game.

  • The player with the Red (Black) Checkers begins the game with the first move.

  • After the first play, the opponents take turns making one fundamental move at a time.

~ Checkers Fundamentals The Moves ~

Single Checkers move forward only one square or space at a time in a diagonal direction to an empty square.
  • A King has two choices: to move one square diagonally, either forward or backward. This is fundamentally a checkers basic rule.

  • A basic checkers move can also consist of one or more jumps to capture the opponent’s Checker or Checkers.
A checkers game basic move

The player captures the opponent’s Checker (Man or King) by jumping over it into an adjacent and vacant square beyond it.
  • Several jumps checkers rule, jumps can be made in one move providing the squares adjacent to the Checker or Checkers being jumped are unoccupied.

  • A player may not jump over his/her own Checkers. This non jump is basic checkers rule.

  • In a multiple jump, the jumping Checker or King can change directions, jumping first in one direction and then in another as long as the Checkers being jumped are situated in the diagonal path.
A checkers game basic rule

The same Checker cannot be jumped twice in the same move. This is fundamentally another basic checkers rule.
  • Checkers rule, if a player can capture an opposing Checker, then the jump must be taken.

  • Likewise, a player must also complete a multiple jump if he/she chooses a sequence of captures; the player may not leave one or more Checkers un captured if they could be taken by continuing the jump.

  • Checkers basic rule, if there is a choice of jumps, then the Checker opponent can choose among them, regardless if the jump is multiple or not.

  • When a capture of the opponent’s Checker or Checkers is made, the piece or pieces are removed from the board.

  • If a player removes one of his/her own Checkers, it cannot be replaced; however, the opponent can either play or insist it be replaced.

  • Basic checkers rule, a Checker, whether it is a Man or King, can jump a King.

  • A ‘huff’ of a Checker for failure to jump properly is no longer permitted.
  • Basic checkers rule, when an incorrect move is made, it must be retracted and replaced with a correct move.

  • If at all possible, the correct move must be made with the Checker or King originally moved incorrectly in the first place.

  • Basic rule, when a Checker reaches the last row or King Row of the opponent, it then becomes a King. The opponent places a second Checker upon the first to signify the King.

  • Basic king rule, once a Checker has been Kinged, it cannot continue jumping Men until the next move.

~ Checkers Basic Rules, Touching Pieces ~

Before the Checkers players begin the game with the first move, either opponent can adjust the position of any Checker on the board.
  • After the first basic checkers move has been made, neither player can adjust any Checker without indicating his/her intention to do so.

  • The player who adjusts a Checker without informing the opponent of his/her intention can be warned for the first offence, but will forfeit the game on the second offence.

  • Basic move rule, if a player touches a Checker that can be played during his/her move, then that Checker must be moved or the player forfeits the game.

  • If any part of a playable Checker is moved or adjusted over the corner of its square, then the Checker must be played in that direction.

  • Checkers basic rule, once the Checker player’s hand is withdrawn from the board, the play is ended.

~ Improper or Illegal Moves ~

  • Rule, a move will be recalled and the player cautioned if he/she makes an illegal false or improper move in accordance with Checkers Standard Laws:
    • Rule, fails to jump or complete a multiple jump.

    • Rule, during his/her move, touches a piece that is not movable.

    • Rule, during a regular move or a jump sequence, moves the Checker onto the wrong square.

    • Basic rule, completes a move backwards.

    • In a capturing move, removes an opponent’s Checker or Men that have not been jumped.

    • During a jump, removes one or more of his/her own Checkers.

    • Continues a capturing move through the King-Row with a Checker.

    • Basic checkers rule, moves a Checker though it is not the player’s turn.
  • Checkers that are accidentally displaced by the players, or through causes beyond their control are replaced without any penalty and the game is resumed.
    • Should a player make a second false, improper or illegal move during the same game, he/she shall forfeit the game.

    • Any player who refuses to follow the Checkers rules shall immediately forfeit the game.

    ~ Game Win Rules ~

    • A win is achieved when a Checkers player makes the last move by either capturing all of the opposing player’s Checkers or by blocking the opposing player so that he/she is unable to make any legal moves during his/her turn.

    • Win the game rule, a win is also achieved if an opponent resigns anywhere throughout the Checkers game or forfeits the game by violating any of the Checkers rules.

    ~ Game Draw Rule ~

    • Draw rule, a draw is declared if both Checkers opponents mutually agree at any point during the play to such a conclusion of the game.

    • Draw rule, a draw is declared if a Checkers player can show that his next move would also create the same position for the fourth time during the game.

    • Draw rule, a draw is declared if a Checkers player can show that the following holds true:

    • Draw rules, neither Checkers player has moved a Checker forward towards the King-Row during the preceding 50 moves.

    • Basic draw rules, no Checkers have been removed from the checkerboard within the 50 preceding moves.
      (For the purposes of this checkers draw rule, a move consists of one Red (Black) and one White move).

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