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Words of Wisdom

Some checkers players words of wisdom are shared here. Words of wisdom give pause to the many unspoken words yet to come.

English Chess Champion, 1895, J.H. Blackthorn words of wisdom: he believed that chess was a superior game; however, Checkers did hold an advantage.

"Draughts is a less attractive game, infinitely less, but it is more scientific. You see, a step at draughts is irreparable. At chess, however, you can get back, change the disposition of your men and possibly win."

In 1911, Frank Dunne wrote these checkers words of wisdom for Draughts - A Practical Guide to Play Scientific: "Draughts is not merely an idle amusement. Several very valuable qualities of the mind, useful in the course of human life, are to be acquired or strengthened by it, so as to become habits ready on all occasions".

The topic of checkers players words of wisdom has often been likened to other subjects as an illustration, as seen by American essayist, poet and philosopher, Henry David Thoreau (1817 to 1862):

"All voting is a sort of gaming, like checkers or backgammon, with a slight moral tinge to it, a playing with right and wrong.

It could certainly be said that opponents do play with right and wrong in a game of Checkers because playing right leads to successful moves and a potential win, while playing wrong leads to capture, loss of a King and possible defeat."

Derek Oldbury words of wisdom, a great master of this mind sport, commented in 1950:

"The best move is not necessarily the strongest but that which will beguile the opponent into making a mistake."

The late GM Marion Tinsley, former World Draughts Champion, was an amazing Checkers player imbued with a deep knowledge of the game acknowledged the following checkers words of wisdom quotes:

(1) “It's a fascinating game and it satisfies a facet of the human personality it's creative, scientific and artistic."

(2) "Success for checkers players requires hard work, certain natural talents, a good memory, and the ability to visualize."

(3) "The price to pay keeps the vast majority from becoming proficient."

(4) "To appreciate checkers players you have to know so much."

(5) "Many tournaments are won before the tournament begins." Harry N. Pillsbury, Chess grandmaster and Checkers expert, made these other words of wisdom observation on this game: “Chess is what you see, Checkers is what you know. There is enough in either game to last a man a lifetime."

The following words of wisdom quote was taken from a biography on T.B.F. Thompson, One Move Ahead: "T.B.F. agreed and it was, of course, the draughts player in him that came out during this period in his life. As a lad, spending hours at the draughts board, he never minded losing a few men if he could get a king. In 1966 he had gained that king … "(p.85)

The late GM, Tom Wiswell has these words, World Checkers Champion (1951-1976) offered his wisdom in his following checkers game philosophy:

(1) “Making sound moves in the market during troubled times is important in holding your position till an opening presents itself. Move in haste, repent at leisure."

(2) "Moves that disturb your position the least disturb your opponent the most. In checkers, many times waiting moves are indicated, to avoid disturbing your position. Then your opponent has to show his hand. Many times, by waiting you cause your opponent's position to crumble right before your eyes.”

(3) "Keep the draw in sight."

(4) "The true art of playing is not only to make the right move at the right time, but to leave unmade the wrong move at the moment of truth."

(5) "Players are usually at their most confident peak….just before they walk into disaster."

(6) "Don't play on a heavy meal; a hungry player is a good player."

(7) "The oldest play is brand new if your opponent has not seen it. I've won many more games and matches with old plays than with new."

(8) "If a move is inviting, be natural and looks strong, it's a good move or a good trap – and sometimes it takes a good checkers player to tell the difference."

(9) "The checkers player who records his losses today won’t repeat them tomorrow."

(10) "It's fun trying to master a game, as long as you don't expect to succeed."

(11) "Knowledge alone cannot make a player have words of wisdom, but lack of knowledge can surely unmake one."

(12) "It isn't only what you know that counts, it's also what you don't know and don't know that you don't know."

[The above quotes were collected from GM Nigel Davis' web page as provided by Victor Niederhoffer.]

Victor Niederhoffer:

"Chess is a very noble game, as is checkers.”

Checkers is indeed a noble game; however, there have been some delicate cultural and moral situations arise in different tournaments over the years. Sometimes, these have dealt with game play and other times with the lack of rapport and consideration for individual tournament players or visitors.

GM Nigel Davies has commented on this issue:

“This sensitivity might be a games player's thing. In our tournaments and travels we have to get on with a wide range of folk who can be culturally very different. I don't see much sign of it in the Western mainstream.”

The game of checkers has increased in its popularity over the years as more than a just simple game of entertainment for children and in numerous countries around the world is taken very seriously. This mind sport easily equates with physical sports and is given the same consideration and impetus.

Words of wisdom from Alex Moiseyev, Checkers player and formerly from Russia, comments on this sport in his native land:

"In Russia, it (checkers) is a sport as much as basketball, football or any other sport. There were special kids checker schools and the instructors were past masters of the sport."

When this philosophy becomes entrenched worldwide, then Checkers/Draughts will gain a fresh momentum that will touch the minds and hearts of board gamers anew. We are already witnessing the power of this game in the commitment of many youth checkers players in tournaments around the world. These young gamers are the Grand Masters of tomorrow.

To become a Grand Master of Checkers takes years of practice, game study and analysis, failure, defeat and growth, but eventually success will be at the touch of someone’s fingers, a mere game away.

Thomas A. Edison checkers words of wisdom, while working on his invention of the light bulb, once remarked, “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”

The same can be said of the novice checker player. The checkers players key is not to give up and lose hope but to remember all the ways and all the moves that do work.

Checkers Wisdom

Checkers Words of Wisdom
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