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Checkers Words of Wisdom

Some checkers words of wisdom are shared here and give pause to the many unspoken words of wisdom yet to come.

Benjamin Franklin

Back in the day when Draughts (checkers) had first been brought
to Colonial America, it quickly became a leisure sport for many. Benjamin Franklin was no exception as he was certainly not all work and no play. Franklin gives checkers words of wisdom that are still true for many. Throughout his life, he was a gamester and social gambler, preferring contests of skill and strategy and this was why he loved checkers, chess, and numerous other card games popular at the time.

Franklin words of wisdom admitted, "It is a checkers game I much delight in; but it requires

a clear head..." and then concluded, "Courage is almost as requisite

for the good conduct of this game as in a real battle."

He also commented that "Everybody plays draughts checkers, but comparatively few are draughts(checkers) players."

The Draughts Board Magazine of 1870 published the following statement of wisdom by Franklin:

"For life is a kind of Draughts, in which we have points to gain and competitors or adversaries to contend with: and in which there is a vast variety of good and evil events that are in some degree, the effects of prudence, or want of it.

By playing at Draughts then we learn:

(1) Foresight wisdom, which looks a little into futurity, and considers the consequences that may attend an action.

(2) Circumspection wisdom, which surveys the whole scene of action.

(3) Caution checkers wisdom, the habit of not making our moves to hastily.

Lastly, we learn by Draughts not to be discouraged by present appearances in the state of our affairs, but to persevere in hoping for a favorable change, and in searching for resources. The checkers game is full of events, there is such a variety of turns in it, fortune of it is so subject to sudden vicissitudes, and one so frequently discovers checkers wisdom along the way, after long contemplation, the means of extracting oneself from a supposed insurmountable difficulty, that one is encouraged to continue the contest to the last, in hope of victory by our own skill, or a least of making a draw through the negligence of the adversary.”

Checkers Wisdom

Checkers Words of Wisdom
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