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Checkers Philosophy for Members

A more recent sport body that now holds a significant place in the realm of checkers and draughts competition is the World Checkers & Draughts Federation.

As part of the FMJD in Section 64 Checkers, the World Checkers & Draughts Federation was founded to promote the game of checkers and draughts. This being the case, this organization has also established a set of Statutes & Bylaws that the member federations must abide by.

These statutes and bylaws of the WCDF were agreed upon at the inaugural meeting on October 28, 2003, in Northern Ireland and remain as amended at succeeding General Assembly meetings in Barbados in 2004, in the US in 2005 and in Scotland in 2006.

The following are the statutes, principles and aims of the World Checkers & Draughts Federation as stated by the federation:

Checkers Members

1.1. The World Checkers & Draughts Federation, hereafter referred to as WCDF, is the official world governing body for the game of Checkers.

1.2. Checkers is one of the most ancient, intellectual and cultural games. It is a combination of sport, scientific thinking and the elements of art. Now this checkers game is available to all thru, Play Checkers Online games.

1.3. The purposes and aims of the WCDF are therefore;

The diffusion and development of Checkers among all nations of the world.

The play checkers online unification of Checkers organizations throughout the world.

The raising of the level of Checkers philosophy culture and knowledge on a sporting, scientific, creative and cultural basis.

The standardization of the rules of Checkers amongst all affiliated organizations.

To oversee provisions pertaining to the organization of world championship online and off matches, world qualification events and all other WCDF international Checkers competitions.

To award international Checkers titles.

To support other international organizations with similar aims [e.g. Federation Mondiale Jeu de Dames {FMJD}] in the advancement of promoting Checkers towards Mind-Sport and Olympic recognition by the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF)

1.4. The WCDF is concerned exclusively with Checkers philosophy activities. The WCDF is democratically established and bases itself on the principles of the rights of its members. It rejects discriminatory treatment for national, political, racial, social or religious reasons or on the basis of gender. It observes strict neutrality in the internal affairs of Checkers organizations.

1.5. WCDF competitions are, in general, open to players of both sexes. A competition described as a women's event is reserved for women players but women players are entitled to compete in events that are not specifically described as "women's" events.

1.6. WCDF events (competitions, meetings, etc) may be hosted only by organizations in whose countries free access is generally assured to representatives of all nations.

2.0 WCDF members, their rights and their duties:

Members of the WCDF are Checkers organizations, which have authority over Checkers activities in their own area.

Before being admitted as a member of the WCDF, an organization must first acknowledge the WCDF By laws and agree only to develop activities that are not contrary to those By laws.

The admission of an organization as a member is effected through an application. This application must be submitted to the Executive Board and will be decided upon by the Executive Board within two months of its receipt. The application for admission must include sufficient data to make it evident that the statutory purpose and the previous activities of the applicant are in conformity with the WCDF By laws.

Applicants must complete their membership application through the payment of a membership fee, the cost of which is set by the General Assembly. This fee is currently set at $100 (US) or equivalent.

All checkers members organizations shall appoint a representative person, to be known as a “delegate”, to act as an intermediary between their organization and the WCDF.

2.6 Membership confers the following rights:

Members are entitled to participate in all WCDF events in accordance with WCDF regulations.

Members have a seat and vote in the General Assembly.

Members are authorized to submit proposals to the WCDF through their “delegate”.

Members are authorized to scrutinize the official records relating to the management of the WCDF.

2.7 Members must acknowledge and observe the by laws, regulations, resolutions and decisions of the WCDF. Moreover, they are obliged to support the WCDF as actively as can reasonably be expected of them in its Checkers activities.

2.8 Each member is required to send to the Secretariat each year, not later than March 31st, a report containing at least the following information:

The name, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number of the organization.

The name, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number of its President or functional head.

The name, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number of the Secretary or main contact.

The name, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number of the person/officer who is the intermediary between the member organization and the WCDF (its “delegate”).

The names of its national champions, if any.

The title, postal address and e-mail address of its official bulletin, if any.

The play checkers online URL of its web site, if any.

The date, place and other details about all events at Checkers which have been held in the organization's area since the previous report or which are already planned or scheduled for the future.

If, in the course of the year, changes occur in the data mentioned in this clause above, the organization should inform the Executive Board ASAP.

2.9 Members have the right to withdraw from the WCDF at their sole discretion and at any time. The President of the member body must inform the Executive Board in writing of the withdrawal. In connection with the exclusion or withdrawal of a member, neither membership fees nor other contributions will be refunded.

2.10 In the absence of a written request for withdrawal, the WCDF membership of each organization will be reinstated each year automatically on the 1st of January for the ensuing year and the subscription fee for that year will be required to be paid.

2.11 Members not fulfilling their duties under these by laws may be sanctioned (Chapter 8) by the Executive Board (Chapter 3) until such time as the that member can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the General Assembly (Chapter 4) that such transgression has been rectified.

2.12 Membership of an organization may be refused on the grounds of an incomplete application or where the functioning of such an organization is in conflict with the statutes and by laws of the WCDF (e.g. articles 1.4, 1.5, 2.4, etc). The reason for refusal of such an application will be given to the applicant in writing.

2.13 The official WCDF language is English. All communication between members and the Executive Board shall be in English unless otherwise agreed in writing between the communicating parties. Parties requiring the use of other languages may do so, but at their own expense and direction.

The WCDF can be dissolved by a decision of the General Assembly, if at least two thirds of all members express themselves to be in favor of dissolution.

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