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Checkers Philosophy

Sports Philosophy Of World Checkers/Draughts Federations

The world federations of Checkers and Draughts are sport bodies that were created to uphold and promote good checkers philosophy of these mind sports on an inter-national level. Their main philosophy objective is to unify all federations, associations and affiliations that are committed to the international regulations set forth by the world sport organization.

The Fédération Mondiale du Jeu de Dames or the World (International) Draughts Federation was established with a total commitment to the game of Draughts (Checkers). Its motto clearly states: “Our strength is in the unity of draughts.”

In 1947, the original checkers philosophy statutes that govern this sport body were written in French and these are juridical superior to any other translation and therefore, each federation or association must ensure that its members understand and acknowledge these statutes and any updates therein by providing translations in the native language of the aforementioned federation or sport body. Its legal language is French and its other official languages are English and Russian.

Although the FMJD is also referred to as the World Draughts Federation, it is officially known at the Fédération Mondiale du Jeu de Dames. Over the years, the federation’s statutes have been modified or adapted to meet the growing needs of the sport organization. Upon its conception years ago, the Federation was established for an unlimited, unspecified duration of time.

According to the checkers philosophy statutes, all members of this ruling sport affiliation are national draughts/checkers federations that officially acknowledge and abide by the rules and by laws of the FMJD.

The FMJD has set the following Philosophy goals:
  1. To create, assist and develop any type of national draughts/checkers federations and continental confederations.

  2. To promote the development of the game in all countries and the organization of a national, affiliated federation in countries where the game is played but where no such checkers philosophy sport body exists.

  3. To cultivate mutual respect among the member federations, without racial, religious, political or other discrimination between persons or countries on the penalty of corrective measures of suspensions of the association, member or player.

  4. To encourage membership of each national federation, irrespective of the variant of the game practiced.

  5. To promote the International - 100 squares - game in all countries as well as the promotion of local and regional versions of draughts and checkers such as the 64 squares game.

  6. To organize the continental confederations wherever the game is played.

  7. To ensure the unification of checkers philosophy regulations for international competitions between all member federations of the FMJD in the different variants of the game of checkers and draughts.

  8. To publish the regulations of world championships, qualifying tournaments, world title matches, and all other official FMJD competitions.

  9. To publish the standard regulations for the official titles of draughts/ checkers tournament matches.

  10. To organize championships, congresses, conferences and various publicity promotions supporting the checkers game, online and off.

  11. To distribute draughts/checkers publicity internationally.

  12. To elevate the level of the international draughts/checkers culture and knowledge on a cultural, creative and scientific basis among the many devotees of draughts/checkers, in all genres of draughts/checkers activities and to ameliorate the friendship between different peoples of the world.

  13. To promote all types of activities that will stimulate the desire to play a challenging draughts/checkers game.

    To do justice to each facet of this mind sport, for those that play checkers online, the FMJD has been organized into various sections that manage the major versions of the Draughts game ~ 100 squares, 64 squares and Checkers etc.
The Executive Board of the FMJD officially only deals with national federations, continental confederations, and official representatives of the players’ organizations. The FMJD only incidentally and infrequently deals with individual players who are members of a national federation as well as with immigrants, refugees or players without a nationality.

It is stipulated that a draughts or checkers player can only belong to one national federation. An exception can be made for a player who moves to another country and then becomes a member of a new federation; however, in such a case, whenever such a player wants to participate in an official FMJD competition, the new federation must prove that said player has lived in the new country of residence for over a year.

The Federation also has a checkers philosophy mandate that any player who possesses a double nationality must decide which federation s(he) wishes to represent in a tournament or competitive championship. Only one federation can select this player to represent it in competitive play. For national team championships, the player must maintain the nationality of the country s(he) plays for.

The FMJD will accept the membership of all national federations complying with the regulations in the Federation’s statutes. However, any national federation applying for membership must send a written request to the Executive Board, with the signatures of its president and general secretary, and two copies of the statutes of the federation. The General Assembly will then decide whether or not it will accept the membership. The FMJD chooses to exclude:
a) Alternative or dissident national federations.
b) Secondary organizations who represent a fraction of the nation, without national coverage.
c) Federations outside their proper territory. There should be only one Draughts federation per country.

The Checkers Philosophy section is allowed its own rules for the admission of federations as noted by the World Checkers and Draughts Federation.

If a national federation’s application has not yet been approved, it can still participate in the FMJD competitions that are organized by national federations or continental confederations, but it cannot obtain individual or team qualifications in world championships and tournaments. Include those who play checkers online, this status of provisional membership may only last two years.

The FMJD has the right to refuse membership of any national federation but it is required to make the reasons public.

As long as a national federation meets the above checkers philosophy standards, it will be admitted into the FMJD; however, the federation or association’s admission into the FMJD must be approved by the General Assembly. In each section, only one national federation of a given country can be admitted. This admission must also be confirmed by the General Assembly. The FMJD will support members that have recognition from their government, a National Olympic Committee or other official institutions. Sections are allowed an organization allowance.

The General Assembly decides the amount of the annual subscription amount for each national federation and it is its responsibility to honor this and all other financial obligations that pertain to the membership and fees within the Federation.

Unless a national federation has requested withdrawal from the Federation, the FMJD membership of each national federation will automatically be reinstated each year on January 1st for the coming year and subscription for that period will must then be paid.

At any time, any member federation or association may withdraw formally from the FMJD or may lose its membership by default on its financial obligations or by sanction imposed by the General Assembly when the member is guilty of serious offences against the By Laws, which may lead to suspension or exclusion.

These checkers philosophy regulations apply to, playing checkers online, the national federations and draughts/checkers players represented in the European Draughts Confederation, the Asian Draughts Confederation, the African Draughts Confederation and the Pan-American Checkers and Draughts Confederation.

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