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If the checker player is serious about developing true long lasting skills, then the first important epiphany in the checker player's life is to discover the wealth of checker literature that is available for the novice and master player alike. How to win at checkers every time, nowadays, resources are abundant in terms of books, magazines and articles to play checkers online; many checkers books are widely available online on the Internet through,,, and The various websites from the checkers/draughts associations and federations around the world also play checkers online, share articles, and share checkers literature on a regular basis.

Indeed there are a vast number of checkers literature titles available. How to win at checkers every time are covered in checkers books. The sheer numbers of how to win at checkers books can be overwhelming for a someone who is just learning the meaning of the terms opening, mid game, endgame and resign. Too often books and other play checkers online sources are used improperly and thus only serve to create confusion, so it is important to obtain the right checkers literature material, but more so, to learn how to use the information when you play checkers online.

So hunting for the right checkers literature book should be taken on as part of the checkers challenge and as an adventure that could lead to amazing discoveries. Along the way, while the checkers enthusiast roams the highways and byways of playing checkers online, more than mere information on books may be unearthed. The adventure will likely take the serious hunter to estate auctions and yard sales or even to the nooks and crannies of used book stores searching for that rare find, that rare checkers volume that everyone wants but mysteriously has been out of print for decades. Sometimes, the ardent seeker may even chance to climb the narrow wooden ladder that leads to the hidden niches of an old family attic.

Though there are many modern editions on checkers literature, playing a solid checkers game, supplemented with advice and strategies, there is also something to be said for the good old reliable times of yesteryear because these sources not only supply a great history to the checkers game itself, but carry the reader into a different world altogether, one that recalls a bygone era where life was so much more simplistic and checkers was accepted as part of every day living, readily discussed in newspaper columns or at the general store and where national tournaments held some importance.

The checkers literature volumes written throughout the years may be somewhat quaint and amusing in their approach and style of writing; however, the knowledge that is imparted in these books is invaluable. The masters and grandmasters of the checkers game from eras gone by could not rely on any computer for quick analysis; in fact, the only computer they had was their brain and their mastery was so great that an overwhelming percentage of their play and analysis still is applicable today, in the era of Chinook, Nemesis and King's Row.

Checkers literature experts have listed a number of how to win books as good literature reference material that will become a solid foundation for knowledge on the checkers game. If studied with care, these sources can turn the little league player into the champion of the World Series. The following are dependable materials that many checkers experts have relied on through the generations of players at the checkerboard.

Checkers literature books on how to win at checkers:

  • Lees' Guide
    Checkers Literature, by James Lees (GAYP openings, 1892 with later editions)

  • Total Checkers or Starting out in Checkers
    Checkers Literature, by Richard Pask

  • Familiar Themes, Masterpieces, Famous Positions, Bridges, Border Classics
    Checkers Literature, by Ben Boland

  • Checkers Made Easy, Let's Play Checkers or Art of Checkers
    Checkers Literature, by Tom Wiswell

  • It's Your Move, Scientific Checkers Made Easy, Modern Encyclopedia of Checkers (opening book on the most difficult 3-move openings)
    Checkers Literature, by Willie Ryan

  • Scientific Checkers
    Checkers Literature, how to win at checkers every time, by Newell Banks

  • Basic Checkers (recent analysis of 3-Move Openings)
    Checkers Literature, by Richard Fortman

  • Checkers the Tinsley Way - Collection of all of Dr. Tinsley's games, mostly non-annotated.
    How to win, by Shuffett.

  • How to Win at Checkers
    Checkers Literature, by Fred Reinfeld

Checkers Literature Note:

For the above authors, other books may also be available that would also serve you well. How to win at checkers every time is a myth, time has already shown that every human makes mistakes.

Older literature sources:

  • Kear's Encyclopedia
    1920's guide to most 3-move openings.
    Later editions by Alexander

  • Tescheleit's Master Play
    1926 large and incomplete guide to the 3-move openings.

  • Robertson's Guide
    Old go-as-you-please guide.

  • Various collections of games from World Championship Matches:
    World Class Checkers
    World Championship Checkers
    America's Best Checkers
    International Draughts and Checkers.

  • Churchill's Compilations
    Massive guide to all 3-move openings.

Certainly there are numerous other literature sources available that will also fulfil the purpose of offering information on how to play a great game of checkers online as well as explaining the terms Openings, Mid game and Endgame. The key issue to remember is that if a book, magazine or article is not easily understood, then it’s better to find something else that will enhance the checker player’s knowledge and develop the player’s existing checkers game online.

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