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Game of Checkers
Poem by Birgit V. Jensen

Win or Draw

Checkers is a simple game
so easily understood,
until he makes that tragic move
that blocks his game for good.

Important it is to strategize,
technique and skill lend a hand;
the opponent contemplates an empty square;
decision to let the checker piece stand.

Tension is in the air and building fast,
yet patience is still the key.
Analyze the game board well;
review all options most carefully.

Is it time to sacrifice
a King to win the game
or will this daring checker move
only lead to more of the same?

Can the stalemate be broken?
Is there yet a capture unseen?
One player must surely find the path
that will lead to the hidden victory.

Hours pass, yet time stands still;
neither player makes a move.
The air is thick and silence reigns;
no one wants to lose.

Heavy sighs, frustration’s the facade
for the tournament game is a draw.
Neither checker white nor checker black
a conclusion to the endgame finally saw.

Checkers Win or Draw Poem, written by
Birgit V. Jensen © (2007).


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Checkers Win or Draw More Than Just A Game

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Checkers is a two-player game, where one player is assigned white-chip checkers and the other red. The aim is to play checkers online, capture all of the other player's checkers or make them impossible to move.

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