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Checkers Poems
By Ted Taylor

This simple mind sport has also found an outlet on paper instead of the famous checkerboard, as seen by the written work on this page.

Ted Taylor North Carolina checker player

Ted Taylor
North Carolina checker player and poem writer.
Ted Taylor's poem also found expression about the game of checkers.

Poem, Let’s Give God A Hand

I can imagine the first game of checkers, with bottle caps and a homemade checkerboard.

It seems like yesterday we were playing, round the potbellied stove at the old country store.

We played on boards that were black and red, the men were the same, t’was war, yet without bloodshed, and every eye was on the game.

Then came along tournament boards, which were buff and green.

The men were changed to white and red, the prettiest I've ever seen.

Now we’re playing computers, Chinook, Colossus and Sage.

Look back, you can see how far we've come.

We’re living in the modern age.

Who invented the computer?

Yes, but who created man?
Let’s not give ourselves the glory, Let’s give God a hand.

Checkers poem by Ted Taylor, Lets Give God a Hand.


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