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Checkers Poem
by Ted Taylor

This simple mind sport has also found an outlet on paper instead of the famous checkerboard, as seen by the written work on this page.

Ted Taylor North Carolina checker player

Ted Taylor, North Carolina checker poem writer and player.
Taylor also found expression about the game in checkers poetry.

The Great Grand Master Poem

The young boy said to his grandpaw,
“How about a game of draughts",
as if his grandpaw didn't know what the word meant.

“OK”, replied grandpaw and over to the checkerboard he went.

Not knowing all the time the boy’s grandpaw was a master of the game.
With a confident look and anxious to play,
the young lad’s mouth opened to say,
“This won’t take long; my dad taught me everything I know”.

As the lad made his move,
the old man moved real slow.
“Can you beat your dad?” asked grandpaw.
“Why yes, he taught me everything I know,
but I'm having trouble and don’t understand;
I'm even down a man.”

The old man looked up and softly replied,
“I'm proud of you,
my son and I know your father is, too.
I, like you, have learned so much cause my dad taught me
Everything he knew.”

Grand Master checkers poem, written by Ted Taylor.


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