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Checkers Photo Album

Checkers has been and still is a very popular game to play during leisure time between friends or family members and often these moments were captured in checkers photos. Age has never been a consideration, as a game of checkers can easily be played by young and old alike and more importantly, can be enjoyed for its simplicity or for its complexity, depending upon the players in the game. The following checkers photos represent different moments in checkers history.

Checkers in the square photo

Checkers in the square photo.

Two Friends and Checkers photo

Two Friends and Checkers Photo.

Grandpa and granddaughter playing checkers photo

Grandpa and granddaughter playing checkers photo.

Playing checkers on our break photo

Playing checkers on our break photo,
checkers at the local store.

Let's Play Checkers! Photo Album

Let's Play Checkers!

Vintage Checkers Photo Album

The Checker Player Vintage Portrait Photo

The Checker Player (Vintage Portrait Photo)

Checkers Tourney Photo

Checkers Tourney Photo

Checkers in the Neighbourhood Photo

Checkers in the Neighborhood photo.

Checker Players in Thailand

Checker players in Thailand, a deeply involved game of checkers.

Wherever one looks, checker photo snapshot moments of Checkers history are recorded around the world amongst novice players. Checker champions simply enjoying the friendship of the checker play or the challenge that lies ahead.

Draughts or Checkers 1864 Photo

The Draughts or Checkers Photo from 1864
(Checkers Players)

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Wonder Mugs Play checkers online, and enjoy drinking from this cool wonder mug.
When adding hot liquid, the colors of the mug will change, checkers cool.

Checkers is a two-player game, where one player is assigned white-chip checkers and the other red. The aim is to play checkers online, capture all of the other player's checkers or make them impossible to move.

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