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Game of Checkers Artist
Milton Avery

Milton Avery

Milton Avery 1893 – 1965
Sand Bank (Altmar), New York

The Checker Players 1938

The Checker Players 1938

Checker Players 1943

Checker Players 1943
  • Checkers artist Milton Avery, a Painter, graphic artist and ceramist of classical motifs and subject matter in a variety of thematic genres.

  • Generally self taught, artist Milton Avery was a figurative rather than an abstract artist, who explored painting using simplified areas of flat color thinly applied.

  • Milton Avery favored a combination of French Fauvism, reminiscent of Henri Matisse and German Abstract Expressionism, which is clearly seen in his simplified and expressive palette and clarity of line in his work.

  • Checkers artist Milton Avery, known as a colorist focused on serene mood, harmony, and rounded shapes. Milton Avery was a painter whose work combined abstraction and realism, thus suggesting a dialogue between line, shape, muted color and subdued emotions.

  • Artist Milton Avery’s landscapes, still life paintings and figure compositions derive their expressive power from their abstracted, flat shapes and luminous yet subtly toned contours and though his subjects seem unremarkable, the manner in which he treats them is exceptional for through his strong, simple designs, his intimate scenes take on monumental presence with a freshness and uncomplicated nature.

  • Most of his subjects were either marine scenes or figure studies as depicted in the scene above showing two people engrossed in a game of checkers; Milton’s composition in each checkers painting called the viewer’s attention to the checkerboard and game of checkers in progress.

  • Although never associated with a particular movement, Avery was a key modernist who influenced succeeding generations of artists.

  • Classical motifs and subject matter in portraits, still life and coastal landscapes were his main thematic areas and genres.

  • Prolific as a painter, graphic artist and ceramist, Milton Avery received numerous awards from American art institutions before he died in 1965, although artist Milton Avery only really became famous posthumously.

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Checkers is a two-player game, where one player is assigned white-chip checkers and the other red. The aim is to play checkers online, capture all of the other player's checkers or make them impossible to move.

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