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Enjoy this nice game of checkers.
This game is between you and my computer.
Go ahead, its easy.
You don't have to jump in this game of checkers.

The game of checkers starting position: each player places his/her 12 checkers on the dark squares in the first three rows nearest to the player.
  • For notation purposes, the squares are numbered 1 to 32.
  • The opponent with the light checkers begins the game with the first move of the game and then the two players alternate turns thereafter, making only one move at a time.

    Moves and captures: can only move diagonally forward one square at a time to an empty square adjacent to it.
  • The Player may capture the opposing checker by jumping over it in a diagonal direction to an unoccupied square beyond.
  • Jumps to capture the opponent’s checker are only made in a forward direction.
  • Capturing is normally mandatory so the capturing checker piece must continue to jump as long as there are opposing pieces along the diagonal path with adjacent empty squares to jump towards.
  • Preference must always be given to the longest possible capturing line.
  • The player may not jump over other checkers of the same color and may NEVER jump ones own kings.
  • The checker becomes a king when it reaches the king row of the opponent.
Kinging: when a checker becomes a king, whether by a capturing jump or a single move, the move terminates at the king row.
  • The opponent must then crown the new king checker piece before continuing with his/her own move.
  • Kings move forward or backward one square at a time in a diagonal direction to an unoccupied adjacent space.
Red moves first: in the game of checkers, players take turns moving across the checkerboard. Only one move per turn is allowed. You must move your checkers piece. If you cannot move, then you lose the game. Checker players normally choose colors at random to start the game. In the next game it will be the other game of checkers player turn to start. Alternate colors in all subsequent checkers games.

Another checkers game poem, by Harvey Griffin,
he shares his thoughts on this great game of checkers.

Harvey Griffin

~ Checkers ~

We drew it on a cardboard box,
8 x 8 alternate squares of black and white;
Coke bottle tops were used for men;
We called it checkers, game of delight.

We knew nothing of Kear’s Ency.,
Nor about the play in Lee’s Guide.
We played our men move to move,
Playing only for personal pride.

We never heard of the “greats”,
Wyllie, Jordan, Stewart, Banks....
A player able to spot a one for two
Was considered strong in our ranks.

Then someone got a book, Lee’s Guide.
He began to mop up other guys.
Checkers has never been the same.
Now checkers books are common buys.

Today we play on store bought boards,
Fancy colors of beige and green.
Checkers are shades of ochre and orange.
How long have these treasures been?

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Checkers is a two-player game, where one player is assigned white-chip checkers and the other red. The aim is to play checkers online, capture all of the other player's checkers or make them impossible to move.

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