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Chinese Checkers Rules
and Instructions

Here is what you do, just follow these simple Chinese Checkers Rules. Chinese checkers game play rules, consist of jumping over as many pieces with each turn as possible. Jump over your opponents pieces, jump over your own pieces. Jump over one at a time, till you can no Start Checkers Gamelonger continue to jump with the same piece. Then it will be your opponents turn. Chinese checkers rules simply say, none of the jumped pieces are to be removed. Continue game play till you move all your pieces across the chinese checkers board to the opposite side.

Basic Rules

1. Object of Chinese Checkers game: To win the game, what you want to do, is to move all your pieces across the board to the opposite star point, directly across from where you started.

2. Play Chinese Checkers Game by the Rules: Each point of the star will a colored set of marbles for each player. You may move one space, or jump over a number of any color marbles. You must follow the lines on the board when moving and jumping. Only move one space, or over one marble at a time. Jump one marble and then continue to jump one marble at a time, as long as there is an empty space to jump to. Don't ask me why, but chinese checkers rules state that after your turn, it will be the player to your left's turn.

Another Chinese Checker rule is that, Marbles on the Boardif a player is unable to move any of their marbles, they must forfeit the game and loose. At this point the loosing player removes his marbles and the other players continue to play chinese checkers.

Object Game Rules:

The object to Chinese Checkers is to move all your marbles across the board to the opposite side, before the other players do so. If you get trapped and are unable to make a more on your turn, then you loose. The trapped players marbles are removed and the other players continue the game. I find this chinese checkers rule to be annoying, it will feel better to win by getting all your checkers across the board first.

Set-up Rules:

2 players, 19 marbles are positioned into opposite corners of the Chinese Checker board. Stack them evenly into opposite corners.

4 players, 13 marbles are to be positioned into each corner.

6 players, 10 marbles are positioned for each player.

How To Start the Game:

Who should start the Chinese checkers game first? Have some fun with this Chinese checker rule, decide any way you like. Rules for Jumping Perhaps some paper, rock, scissors would be a good start. Cutting a deck of cards works well. Roll of the dice is another fun way. The easiest way to start your chinese checkers game is to simply flip a coin. At my house we like to add a bet to the game. Like the looser has to make some popcorn for everyone. It's all about fun, so lets play chinese checkers.

Move one marble for your turn. You may only move your own color of marbles. Move one piece to the next hole, or jump over a marble. Only jump one marble at time, continue jumping one marble at a time if you are able to. Jump marbles of any color, yes may jump over your own color marbles. Jump in any direction, and you may change directions during multiple jumping. You don't have to make every jump that is possible. Stop your multiple jumps at any time. Marbles that are jumped, are not removed from the game board. Once your marble gets to its home area, it cannot be moved out of it's home area.

That's about it, of course if you like, you may prefer to make up a few of your own chinese checkers rules. One fun extra checker rule could be, the first player to get a marble into their home area, has to skip their next turn.

Chinese Checkers Instructions

It seems totally unethical to have instructions that would make the chinese checkers game about preventing your opponentsGlowing Marbles Gamefrom being able to make a move. To win at Chinese checkers this way is not as gratifying. Perhaps blocking your opponents moves is great as a strategy during play. The best way to win is by getting all your marbles to your home base first.

Instructions for Three Players

For two, four, or six player, set marbles opposite from each other. For three person play, set up the playing pieces at an equal distance around the board. For this checkers rule you may need a skill saw. There is a way to do this, hmm, what could it be, hey, are you still reading this? One more thing, this Chinese Checkers Game really is a lot of fun. I think this is a perfect time to eat home made candy too. Smiles be with you my friend.

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