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Death of Dr. Robert D. Yates

Vol. II September 19th, 1885 No. 8.

Intelligence has reached this city by cable of the death of Dr. Robert D. Yates, of this city, while in mid ocean and of his burial at sea. Dr. Yates was one of the most promising young physicians in Brooklyn and was well known as an amateur champion chess and checker player.

After graduating about two years ago he became one of the staff of physicians under Dr. Arnold at the Flatbush Hospital, his object being to thoroughly equip himself before engaging in the practice of his profession.

Dr. Robert Yates was well liked at the hospital and he made rapid advancement. A few weeks ago, his term of service at the hospital having determined, Dr. Yates received a flattering offer to become the physician on one of the Rotterdam Line of steamships. He was, only too well pleased to accept the offer and was assigned to the steamship Scheidam.

About two weeks ago he sailed in high spirits on his first voyage.

The meager cable message received does not furnish many particulars of his sad death further than it appears he died on the outward voyage from typhus fever and was buried at sea. Dr. Shaw, of the asylum talking of Dr. Yates, death, said today 'It is a great pity. Young Dr. Yates was a bright young fellow destined to make his mark. He was well built and strong, but typhus will carry off the best men in a little while, I should not be at all surprised if it was learned that Dr. Yates caught the typhus at the hospital. That is one of the dangers to which the doctors engaged in these institution, are subjected.'

Dr. Yates was unmarried and lived with his parents at 860 Bridge street, He was born in this city on December 27, 1857. He graduated first from Public School No. 1, and subsequently from the Polytechnic Institute. Upon determining to study medicine he entered the New York University and graduated an M.D. from that institution in the class of 1881. His family is greatly sadden over the reception of the sad news of Dr. Robert Yates death. Brooklyn Times (From DPWM-Sept. 1885.)

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