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Checker Board Positions
Checkers Strategy

The checker board shows how each playable square is numbered sequentially starting from the black players last row and continuing row for row until the white players last row. A numbered checker board is primarily used for annotating (recording) and displaying checker board position moves such as 11-15, which indicates that a checker piece was moved from square 11 to square 15.

This then also means that the novice checker player should understand game play and its rules, checker terminology and how to annotate each move as the ‘men’ are moved from square to square. Understanding the checker board positions and the concept of notation is an elemental part of the checker strategy game. There are many sources available on annotation/notation, but here are some simple diagrams as presented by the Danish Draughts Federation that represent the concept of checker board positions notation. There is also a complete section on notation in this site for easy reference.

The following diagrams indicate the names and subsequent strong and weak checker board positions of some of the squares on a checkerboard.

Double Corner Squares

Double Corner Squares Positions

This position is an important safe haven where a crowned piece can move back and forth in order to draw the checkers game.

Single Corner Square Strategy

Single Corner Square Checkers Strategy

This square presents a very weak position because of the limited mobility, even for crowned pieces.

The Dust Hole

The Dust Hole

A weak square on which to place a regular piece, if white has a man placed on square 30, since the only legal move allows for capture of the playing piece.

The Dog Hole Position

The Dog Hole Checker Position

A weak square to place a regular piece if white has a checker placed on 32 because there are no legal moves for the man from this position.

In a checkers game, another important strategic concept to understand is the significance of having the opposition, but of course, then the question follows as to who has the opposition? The diagram below shows that half the squares are marked and these are only the ones in the black player’s system, while the unmarked are in the white player’s system.

System Squares in Checkers

The system squares are found by drawing a line from the player’s baseline squares straight down the board. Then the checker player simply counts the remaining pieces on the board and if there are an odd number of pieces in his/her system on his/her turn, then this checker board position has the opposition.

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