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Checkers in Schools

Checkers/Draughts in Northern Ireland
Hugh Devlin, Irish Grandmaster and director of the International Festival of Draughts, announced a full time job available for someone to teach checkers in school at Irish public schools. Many schools are just waiting for the right person to make a career out of checkers in schools.

Developing Checkers Schools in Germany
The GDA was established January 2004 and since its creation has promoted the game of checkers yearly by hosting the German Open Checkers National tournaments in Straight English Draughts or American checkers. The Association is a member of the World Checkers and Draughts Association and has been very eager to improve checkers in Germany and helping its checkers friends all over the world. As with many associations around the world, Germany also encourages its youth to become involved in this mind sport and now has its youth and cadet checkers players to competing at the checkerboard in various European tournaments.

Ron ‘Suki’ King promoting Checkers in Barbados
The checkers/draughts game is a popular sport in Barbados, though it does take a back seat to crickets and soccer, but for those ‘mind athletes’ who enjoy the challenge that is presented by the movement of checkers on the checkerboard, this game is their sport. There are even spectators from the other physical endeavors who will sit and enjoy watching the action of checkers opponents.

Checkers is now getting a bigger push in the schools of Barbados, just the same way other countries have realized the inherent value of this great mind sport. For the first time since it was established in 1978, the state run National Sports Council (NSC) has hired a full time draughts coach. The checkers/draughts expert who will be teaching the game to this country's school children is World GAYP and 3-Move Champion, Ronald "Suki" King.

King, who is an International checkers player with a successful background acquired from tournaments and checkers world championships in the Caribbean, the U.S., and in Britain, has been teaching draughts to children throughout Barbados in a private capacity for several years. The NSC has finally recognized his expertise, so that he will now be paid a salary for his services from the Government's coffers.

Ron King officially began his new assignment at the beginning of the 2006 school term. NSC's Director of Sports, Erskine King, commented about the decision to hire the checkers school expert.

The council felt that because draughts was an area where Barbados had some international exposure, that we could also further develop the sport within the schools.

Erskine remarked further that he believed the best person at that point in time who could develop that exposure the NSC was looking at was one of Barbados’ best athletes. The World GAYP champion had previously been awarded a series of commendations for his achievements in the mind sports and his activities within the Caribbean culture and of course, Ron was also one of the best checkers/draughts players in the world in all forms of the game.

The Director of Sports in Barbados also stated in the newspaper article in 2006.

An offer was made to him which he has accepted and he has started his working association with the Sports Council from the beginning of this checkers school term.

In trying to develop the small island’s culture and different athletic needs, the NSC director also explained that every year the council would send out communication to the various schools asking them what coaching assistance they required in a particular discipline.

We are not always able to satisfy every request but we try wherever possible, in the so called minor sports and the established mass sports, to meet their demands… He (Ron) will be going to the secondary and primary checkers schools and to communities who may require such assistance.

But one of the things that we would look forward to, perhaps towards the end of this year, close to Independence period, is to have a schools checker tournament, King said.

When the media contacted "Suki" about the appointment and the opportunity to develop the skills behind the board game in a larger setting than private tutoring, he remarked that he was indeed happy to be working within the schools and was glad to have been given the chance to develop young minds in various intellectual and social skills these students would derive from the experience and lessons at the checkerboard.

If Barbados did succeed to conclude the year with an interschool checkers tournament competition, then perhaps in years to come, there would be opportunities for various school districts within the Caribbean islands to set up inter district and inter island school checkers competitions and thus broader the exposure of checkers/draughts even further.

Curaçao Checkers and the School System
The Caribbean island of Curaçao has had a colorful history that has also included a deep involvement in the game of checkers. Not only has the island hosted the Pan-American Junior and Senior World Checkers/Draughts Championships on a few occasions, but it has also sponsored the Curaçao Open Draughts International Tournament for checkers players from around the world. The president of the PADCF (Pan-American Draughts Checkers Federation), who is currently a resident of Curaçao, Raoul Alias, has been premier in promoting the wonderful board game and checkerboard play.

Raoul Alias

Raoul’s love of the game and commitment to the mind sport has greatly improved the awareness of the checkers game and the great personal skills that it teaches. He is an International checkers/draughts player who has displayed his game expertise in numerous International tournaments in Europe and the Pan-American Senior World Championships hosted throughout the Caribbean and South America. He has traveled extensively to Canada, Europe, and within the Pan-American checkers circuit. The master player’s involvement within the sport in Curaçao has encouraged others to participate at the school level. Raoul has been instrumental in assisting with the organization and implementation of checkers games within the school system, and has certainly been a great influence in promoting the final interschool checkers tournament championship.

Curaçao Interschool Junior Checkers Tournament Championship Curaçao Interschool Junior Checkers Tournament Championship 2

Curaçao Interschool Junior Checkers Tournament Championship 3Curaçao Interschool Junior Checkers Tournament Championship 4

Pictured above is:
Curaçao Interschool Junior Checkers Tournament Championship, Grades 4 to 8.

The Pan-American Junior Draughts Championship tournament began in 1999 by the PADCF. Willemstad, Curaçao hosted the event for youth checkers players who were primarily from the Caribbean and South America.

The following countries sent young representatives from their checkers federations:

Bonaire (2)
Brazil (2)
Curaçao (5)
Guadeloupe (1)
Suriname (2)
Trinidad & Tobago (1)
US (1)

Each participating country could register two boys and two girls, whereas the host country could register three or more, if necessary to even the players numbers so that an equal number of rounds could be played in the Round Robin format. The oldest a player could be in this level of play was 19; however, if a 19 year old was in his/her 20th year, (s)he could still play as long as the player didn't turn 20 during the year of the checkers games competition.

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