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Promoting Canadian Youth Checkers

In 2004, on the Association québécoise des joueurs de dames site, there was an appeal to promote checkers with Canada's Participation at the Pan-American Junior Checkers Championship in Willemstad, Curacao.

Note from October 6:
Because of insufficient funds, the trip of our Canadians to the Pan-American Junior Draughts Championship to promote checker at the Open of Curaçao is cancelled! With hope we can promote checkers next time.

However, one young checkers player from Thornhill, Ontario, had great ambitions to participate in the Junior Checkers Championships in Willemstad. Eleven year old, Emma Munits, had been invited by the PADCF to promote checkers in Canada at the 4th Pan-American Junior Draughts Championships to place from October 3-10, 2004 in Curacao and would be accompanied by her coach, Lily Karmi, who was an active member of the World Draughts Federation Committee (FMJD) for many years and had valuable experience derived from her participation in numerous promote checkers world tournaments.

The Canadian Checkers Association also put out an appeal to help Emma and her coach offset some of their traveling expenses because the organizers of the Tournament could only cover the hospitality costs. Any sponsors who were generous enough to assist promote checkers with the costs involved in this endeavor would be recognized on the Canadian website.

Checker player and Canadian stamp

At the same time of this request, the Canadian checkers association commented further by the following statement:

In Canada we're making great efforts to revive the game and promote checkers to the younger generation. A school program is getting started and Miss Munits could be our first participant to an international junior competition since Anatoly Veltman in 1979! Note that in 2005, Montreal, Quebec, will host the Pan-American Championships with approximately 10 Countries participating.

During the same year, the Quebec school system took a serious interest in promoting the game of checkers for its inherent value in teaching students a variety of skills.

Checkers offered in Quebec schools in September 2004

The Association québécoise des joueurs de dames offers a program to teach and promote the checkers board game and to set up the activity in at any school. The course includes training in the game rules, the Manoury notation system and a variety of tactical techniques and checkers combinations. On a more advanced level, the study is taught the "control of the game" with set openings, systems of play and individual strategic plays. Theory, exercises and games are part of the courses. The program promotes checkers, encourages interschool competitions that will lead to a championship match and will also begin to develop novice checkers players, who will some day become Masters or Grandmasters in this wonderful checkers mind sport.

What Happened to Promote Checkers in New Zealand?

With the advent of television and a host of programs that could take the avid viewer well into the wee hours of the morning and the world of computers, the interest in the checkers game appeared to go into a steady decline across the continents. It was no different in New Zealand. Where once many enjoyed hours of checkers fun, other activities took precedence in many people’s lives and only the diehards would still promote checkers at the checkerboard, studying the plays and analyzing strategies in search of a win. However, during the past decade or so, a change has also taken place ‘down under.

The New Zealand Draughts Association is more than keen to promote a revival to the checkers game.

We hope to change this, as every child when growing up played the game it was just a faze in one’s life, but with the internet more and more people are coming back to the game and we hope to encourage this. Until the 70's, the South Island was very strong with checkers players and clubs all over it.

Jan Mortimer Promotes Checkers in New Zealand

After her exciting title match in 2003 with Women's World Champion, Patricia Breen, New Zealand's Jan Mortimer master checkers player turned her attentions to actively promoting checkers in her homeland with the help of a small core group of fellow New Zealanders.

We can only start from small beginnings, but start we must rather than sitting apathetically on the sideline doing nothing. We [New Zealanders] want to be part of what's going on in the checker world and a part of the exciting new development to promote the World Checkers and Draughts Federation (WCDF).

At the General Assembly of the WCDF held in Cookstown, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, in October 2003, Jan Mortimer was elected to serve as Second PRO of the federation, and has been an avid supporter of the checkers game on the International stage.

Since beginning her own promotion of the checkers game, Jan has also become enthused about involving her Australian neighbors, several of whom she has met through games on the Internet. One idea that Jan had was to pool resources with other mind sport games and seek joint sponsorship for the development of the game genre.

If sports bodies can do it, then why not mind sports?...I think England has the great idea of having an annual mind sports match instead of just checkers or chess, etc. Pooling together to create a huge event is something the public must take notice of.

After she participated in checkers different matches in the United States and Ireland, Jan became really motivated to promote checkers, the value of the checkers game and also to get more for checkers. On the New Zealand home front, Jan hoped to hold a small family orientated board or card game night in her town this winter. She believes that there is change coming for the game and that people are beginning to appreciate the simplicity of the old games again as well as the togetherness of family games.

After publishing different articles about her trip to Northern Ireland in local newspapers, a lot more interest has been given to checkers in New Zealand because the importance of the checkers board game received more publicity. Jan was also given an opportunity by the local Information Center Coordinator to speak to promoting checkers to the Tourism Board about hosting a mind sports event in town.

In 2003, Jan was asked by the area Education Trust to teach checkers to adults at night school. At the time, the offer was to give fifty hours of class time during the winter months to begin her curriculum. The checkers master constantly encourages others who are interested in spreading the word about checkers to contact their local Education Trust about introducing checkers into local schools. There is a need for dedicated teachers of mind sports and paid positions waiting for those willing to ask around.

Think about how many people can learn from checkers and how that would snowball. There are so many chances that come along if you're willing to grab them at the right time.

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