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Champion Barnett

Pool Checkers Champion Barnett

Al Barnett

  • Champion Al Barnett hails from Eastpoint, Georgia.

  • Pool Checkers Champion Barnett, a dynamic Pool Checkers player with the risk taking personality of a riverboat gambler and the ‘go with flow’ modern day attitude of society.

  • Al Barnett has combined his checkers strengths and weaknesses into a winning combination at the checkerboard that has allowed him to become one of the all-time great players in the Pool Checkers Champions arena.

  • Pool Checkers Champion Barnett has won seven Pool Checkers National tournaments hosted by the APCA and numerous 2nd and 3rd place finishes.

    • 2005, Atlanta, Georgia

    • 2003, Atlanta, Georgia

    • 1999, Memphis, Tennessee

    • 1998, Atlanta, Georgia

    • 1997, Flint, Michigan

    • 1996, Houston, Texas

    • 1995, Augusta, Georgia (tied with Elton Williams)
  • At the checkerboard, champion Barnett exudes a tenacious spirit, and his checkers game demonstrates an aggressive, bold, and innovative style of play.

  • His expertise and imaginative checkers techniques and tactics are readily displayed against his opponents and leaves little room for questions.

  • Pool Checkers Champion Barnett's style excels in both ‘medal’ play and ‘match’ play; in medal play he easily competes against the checkers players in his division, whereas in match play he can concentrate on a single opponent across the checkerboard; the end result is determined by how well he performed overall in all his tournament games.

  • Some have criticized Al Barnett's tournament play in that though he succeeds in taking first place, he has more losses than other players, but what counts is still the final total overall regardless of how many losses against his checkers opponents he incurred.

  • Perhaps pool checkers champion Barnett is not a strong match player against individual opponents, but then his choice of competition is knowing his strength at the checkerboard so he favors checkers tournaments over single match or exhibition games and that says a lot more for his game integrity than the ‘critics’ behind the scenes.

  • However, Charles ‘Pecan’ Thompson recalls numerous games they have played where he was on the losing side of the checkerboard, though there was one time in a game the 1997 tournament in Flint, Michigan when ‘Pecan’ quietly led champion Barnett to slaughter as he maneuvered him into a trap that "Pecan" had studied intently.

  • He had noticed that this game was a favorite of Al Barnett’s, and had quietly made the final moves in setting the trap, and Al did make that certain move, so that Pecan was able to ‘turn the lights out’ on Barnett, and according to "Pecan", it was a win that did give him a lot of satisfaction.

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