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Pool Checkers Champion Momodou

Momodou Faal

Former Pool Checkers Champion Momodou Faal

  • Born in Gambia, West Africa; Pool Checkers Champion Momodou has lived in several American cities such as New York, Atlanta and New Orleans.

  • Champion Momodou Faal came to the US as an exchange student sometime in the early 1970’s and fell in love with American Pool Checkers, and the checkers game took precedence over his studies.

  • Momodou and Elton Williams were the main challengers against Carl Smith’s dominance at the checkerboard in the 1980’s, after the surprise retirement of Vladimir Kaplan in 1979.

  • One of Pool Checkers Champion Momodou's most memorable conquests at the checkerboard was his defeat of Elton Williams in Flint, Michigan in the mid 1980’s, which concluded with a final score of 3-0 for Faal in a 14-games match.

  • Momodou Faal played both International checkers on the 100-square checker board and regular American and Pool checkers on the 64-square game board.

  • Not many checkers players become proficient in both styles, but end up choosing the style that the player likes the best.

  • In 1991 there was an International checkers tournament in Jackson, Mississippi, which brought together an assemblage of International and American checkers players from across the U.S. and the West Indies such as Iser Kuperman, Vladimir Kaplan, Carl Smith, and champion Momodou Faal as well as two players from Haiti at the time living in New York.

  • This tournament would have been a contest between Kuperman, Kaplan, Smith, and Momodou, who had all played in the European International checkers circuit at the Championship Grandmaster level.

  • Kuperman won the tournament, Momodou finished in a tie with Vladimir Kaplan for 2nd, and Carl "Buster" Smith finished 4th, only two points behind the leaders; the two Haitians players finished 5th and 6th and Charles ‘Pecan’ Thompson placed 7th out of a field of thirteen champion checkers players.

  • Pool Checkers Champion Momodou placed 2nd with Kaplan because Thompson and Kuperman in a final game of the tournament played to a draw, giving Kuperman first place.

  • Momodou Faal won or tied for the APCA championship in at least 3 years and placed 2nd and 3rd numerous times in approximate 15 years of tournament play.

  • Momodou Faal died a tragic death while traveling somewhere in Texas, but the details have never been made clear; however, Pool Checkers lost one of its strongest Grandmaster players with Momodou Faal’s sudden demise.

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