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Former Pool Checkers Champions

Throughout the course of the American Pool Checkers short history, there have been many worthy checkers masters from across the country. The American Pool Checkers Association has an account of the most successful players. Here are a few of the more notable of the former Pool Checkers Champions. Charles ‘Pecan’ Thompson, American Pool Checkers player creates vivid memories in his articles on these great checkers players that have become part of the Association’s website.

Pool Checkers Champions Clyde "King Row" Black

Checkers Champion Clyde "King Row" Black

  • New York City, New York

  • Pool Checker Player in the mid 20th century.

  • Wrote two books on the game: Secrets of Spanish Pool Checkers (#1 & 2).

  • His books turned Pool Checkers into an art, not just a mind sport.

  • His strong side/weak side theories are relevant in today’s game as well.

  • Tough and tenacious player in his time.

Pool Checkers Champion George Robinson

Checkers Pool Champions George

  • Toledo, Ohio

  • 1988 - 1997, Robinson finished in the Top Ten at the APCA Tournaments.

  • 17 Top Ten finishes from 1971 through 1997.

  • Impressive checkers performances at the checkerboard in Pool Checkers tournaments ~ he had two memorable hard fought matches with three times APCA champion, Elton Williams, Flint, Michigan.

  • Checkers games were thought provoking and interesting in strategy that never appeared the same with successive games.

  • Each checkers game would prove a new opening or reply to an existing play so that the opponent always had to be totally alert and ready for a challenge.

Pool Checkers Champion Victor "Vic" Krafft

Checkers Pool Champ Victor

  • Chicago, Illinois.

  • Former president of the Chicago Pool Checkers Club, but resigned to devote his time entirely to playing checkers, not managing tournament games.

  • Developed the quality of his game by playing Carl Smith on a regular basis.

  • 1969 ~ 1987, playing in a total of 19 checkers tournaments, he finished in the Top Ten thirteen times; this result was remarkable for he had not played in a checkers tournament for several years due to illness.

  • 1971 co-champion with Ollie ‘Shot Gun’ Howard in Flint, Michigan; eventually lost his share of the co-championship title in a 14-game playoff with Howard at the local YMCA; the match continued into a sudden death finale because both checkerists were tied with 3 point each; to conclude the game they had to move to the clubhouse due to the late hour.

  • Towards the end of the match, Howard commented, “The shotgun has got him," and this was Howard’s way of saying, "I have a winning position, and I will win it", or he would use other variations of the same theme ~ "The shot gun is going off" or "The shot gun done gone off," or even, or "The shotgun got him", which was simply translated into "I am getting ready to win," or "I have the winning position," or "I will absolutely win it."

  • Pool checkers champion Howard made a dramatic finish and won the trophy over Krafft.

Pool Checkers Champion Ollie ‘Shot Gun’ Howard

  • Played in Chicago, Illinois.

  • From his win in 1971, Howard would often appear at the annual APCA National Tournament with that trophy and his checkerboard.

  • His two favorite statements were: "I am the Pool Checkers Champion of the World," and "The Shot gun is going to go off."

  • Howard once told Charles Thompson that on his plane ride back to New York, after his win, the passengers, and even the pilot, had asked him about his trophy that he was proudly showing off and he told them that he was the "Champion of the World” and in his mind, he surely was a champion.

  • Often, this type of pronouncement would be made to pump up the checkers player and his hopes but also distract and even intimate the opponents; regardless, it was always done in fun with no malice intended.

  • Impressive record: 1969~1985 Howard had 15 Top Ten finishes and of that was in the top five more than 50% of the time.

  • APCA Checkers Tournament record was indeed amazing.

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