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A Leisurely Checkers Pastime

From the glory days when many Pool checkers players met in the church basement for a leisurely checker pastime of fun, the premise today of many retired players still holds the same.

“Coach” Gresham comments, "We are gentlemen of leisurely checkers, and this is the way we fellowship."

This club does have house rules that apply: no cussing, drinking or gambling. However, there are times when emotions run high and the spirit of the players begins to show through. So, although there are club regulations, game situations can indeed become a little raucous. As a leisurely checkers pastime game heat up in the early evening, the room fills with the sound of good natured trash talk, gospel singing and the resonant sound of checkers pieces hitting the checkerboard with a decisive click clack.
Inside the club, a visitor, just like the rest of the attendees will sometimes hear one opponent good natured shouting at his opposition, "Don't tell me I can't jump! I'll jump when I'm ready, sucker."

This leisurely checkers pastime has become a way to be involved in another form of recreation for many and as some players will admit, it gave them a reason to stop participating in other less favorable activities on the streets, provided a relaxing atmosphere in which to share fellowship and socialize. A leisurely checkers pastime and a great place to release stress of every day living. More importantly, there was an aura of simple fun endowed with an element of leisurely checkers challenge.

Some players have become so devoted to the checkers game that it has become a way of life that influences other aspects within daily existence, such as E.W. "Hit Man" Seay, a retired postal worker, stated that he once gave a checkers theme eulogy at the funeral of a fellow member. Everyone's looking for the kingdom because there's power in the crown."

One drawback to the new Pool Checkers regulations in playing within a club setting as opposed to ‘wherever’ is that it’s not conducive to hold all-nighters because the club has to be locked up for the night and the keys need to be in place. However, there are still diehard checkerists who still play several times a week for long durations of time, often right up until the club closes the doors.

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