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Elbert Lowder in the News

Newspaper Archives, Elbert Lowder in the news.

Friday, July 26, 1968 - New Orleans Post News

Long Struggle - “Checkers Champions Lock Horns Silently”. 1968 Lowder vs Cravens Title Match.
The Elbert Lowder vs H. L. Cravens, Jr. was a 20 Games Match played July 25 - 27th at the Sheraton-Charles Hotel in New Orleans.
It was not played for any ACF Title but a recognized clash of these "Checker Titans."

Checkers News Champions Lock HornsLowder Locks Horns

June 19, 1969; Greensboro Daily News

“Checkers At Crossroads In Chatham and History”
A news article about Crutchfield Crossroads and playing checkers at a country store.

Checker Tournament 1 in the newsChecker Tournament 2 in the news

July 5, 1973; The Daily Independent News

“Tournament Here Checker Champ Has Competition”
This news article is about North Carolina State Open in Kannapolis to be played with Elbert Lowder as top contender.

Checker Champ Competion 1Checker Champ Competion 2

July 7, 1973; The Charlotte Observer News

“Checkers Champ Retains Crown Right Moves”.
This is a news article about NC Players (Elbert Lowder & Ed Scheidt) competing for the NC State Title in Kannapolis.

Checkers News, Champ Retains Crown

July 12, 1973; The News and Observer

"State Champion - Checkers Is His Game"
Here Elbert Lowder won his 12th State Title,
again defeating Ed Scheidt in Kannapolis.

Checkers is His Game

August 16, 1973; The Sanford Herald News

“Sanford man ready for checkers Tournament in England.”
An article about Elbert anticipating as a U.S. Team member, in the news, for the 1973 Third International Match against Great Britain and Ireland in Bournemouth, Hampshire, England.

Sanford Man Ready For Checkers Tournament News
Sanford Man Ready For Checkers Tournament 2 in the newsSanford Man Ready For Checkers Tournament 3 in the news

August 16, 1973; The Charlotte News Observer

“N.C. Player in the news, To Help Yanks Jump British”
A checkers article about North Carolina players,
Elbert Lowder & Ed Scheidt, in the news, on the U.S. Team for the 3rd International Checkers Match against Great Britain and Ireland.

N. C. Player To Help YanksIn the News, N. C. Player To Help Yanks

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