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Champion Sam Levy, was one of the great checkers game players from 1914 to 1938.

Another checkers/draughts player who excelled in the game during the early 20th century but did not live a long life to enjoy it to its fullest was Sam Levy. He was born in Manchester, England, in 1914. Sam Levy resided in the surrounding area until his early demise.

Sam Levy learned some checkers game skills fairly early but didn't actually become seriously interested in the game until around 1933. When he joined the checkers games circuit, he was, of course, a relative unknown at the checkerboard, but it did not take the young Sam Levy long to acquire a real technique and mastery of the checkers game. In fact, his skill was so apparent that Levy actually advanced to the finals of the English Championships in 1934. This achievement was absolutely amazing because not many would be able to make such a phenomenal move in such a short time.

Sam Levy honed his checkers play as a member of the Manchester Draughts (Checkers) Club team, and through this association, Sam met well renowned Internationalist, Harry Moulding. They soon developed a good relationship that extended beyond checkers games into a solid friendship. At the same time, Moulding became Sam Levy’s colleague and mentor.

Apart from his involvement in the checkers games club, Levy also participated in the mind sport in league play and as a member of the checker teams of Manchester, Warrington and Liverpool in 1934, 1935 and 1936, consecutively. Moreover, Sam Levy displayed his skill very successfully against his opponents, who were, amongst the checkers experts, Leonard Claxton, Harry French, Harry Moulding, Sam Cohen, and George O’Connor. Sam Levy certainly associated with some of Britain’s best checkers game players of that period.

Another crown checker achievement for Sam Levy was in winning the English Draughts (Checker) Championship in 1936. Sam Cohen came second in the scoring and George O’Connor scored in third place. Furthermore, champion Sam Levy’s checkerboard strategies and analytical prowess helped him to also win the British Championship.

Then in 1937, he played a 40-game match against Sam Cohen for the World 2-Move Championship title. Levy always played aggressively to win his checkers games, and was constantly looking for new plays and improvements of old checker plays. This trait certainly assisted his play to win the Championship title by defeating Cohen.

In a quest for improvement in checkers board play, champion Sam Levy became a student of the new 3-Move Restriction style, which was called The American Restriction by the British. Sam Levy quickly became equally engrossed in this type of checkers game play and developed some good skills as well.

After his match with Cohen, he challenged Asa Long to a match at the new 3-Move Restriction for the World’s Championship of this new style of play. Levy believed that he had a good chance at defeating Asa at the checkerboard in this new method of play and was not in the least intimidated by the great American checker game player.

Champion Sam Levy was certainly prepared to come to the U.S. to play against Asa Long and arrangements were well under way when Levy suddenly developed appendicitis. He was treated and was seemingly recuperating from his illness, when suddenly peritonitis set in. He did not recover from this attack but died unexpectedly in 1938.

Champion Samuel Levy had become a fine checkers games player during his short career in the sport, and it can only be hypothesized that he may actually have been one of the greatest draughts/checkers players to hail from England. Unfortunately, champion Sam Levy never had the opportunity to reach his full potential as a world class checkers game champion but had indeed still achieved a lot at the age of 24, and still left a legacy behind for others to experience.

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