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World Champion Iser Koeperman

Thus it would stand that in 1964, Iser Koeperman was still considered the defending World Champion. During this world match, the checkers champion Iser Koeperman faced several top ranking masters in Amsterdam. Of course, Iser was also challenged by his arch rival, ‘Slawa’ and the two Russians ended the competition once more in a checkers duel for the World title, but Sjitsjogoljev was able to defeat Koeperman and became the World Champion.

Then, in the following year, the World International draughts/checkers arena saw these two Soviet masters back as opponents across the checkerboard yet again and this time Koeperman defeated the defending World Champion and the title changed Russian hands one more time.

By 1967, the International checkers scene saw the beginning of an era of new domination from such young players as Ton Sijbrands, 17 years old and Harm Wiersma, 13 years old, from the Netherlands and Andris Andreiko of the Soviet Union. That same year, Andris Andreiko challenged world champion Iser Koeperman for the checkers World Champion Title but Koeperman successfully retained his title. As a result of this competition between the two Soviet contenders, the Russian government issued postage stamps as commemorative of the World Title match.

Andris Andreiko challenged Iser KoepermanRussian government issued postage stamps

After the championship match, world champion Iser Koeperman contested at the checkerboard in the Brintatoernooi ~ Brinta Tournament in Hoogezand-Sappemeer. One of the games that champion Iser Koeperman played was against newcomer, Harm Wiersma, who was quite a contender even at 13 years of age. Wiersma gained worthwhile experience as opposition to the World Champion and Iser Koeperman later stated that though his opening was strong, Harm came back with a decisive game and so Iser played a more defensive game, in contrast to the offensive style of checkers that had become his manner of play.

Koeperman also had a chance as opposition to young Ton Sijbrands, who later wrote that ‘Tonnie Sijbrands, champion of North Holland, was the best checkers player with one exception ~ Iser Koeperman’. They certainly had an opportunity to pit their wits across the checkerboard and their meeting set the stage for a long term friendship that lasted until Iser Koeperman’s death in 2006.

World champion Iser Koeperman and young Sijbrands were also checkers opponents during the first International team match between the Netherlands and the Soviet Union, in which the Soviet team demolished the Dutch by a score of 40 to 20.
Ton Sijbrands vs Iser Koeperman
Ton Sijbrands
Iser Koeperman
Brinta Tournament
Iser Koeperman
Iser Koeperman
Ton Sijbrands vs Iser
Ton Sijbrands
Iser Koeperman
Team Match Brinta

In 1968, Iser defended his World champion checkers title against challenger Andris Andreiko for a second time. The European World Championship was held for the first time in Bolzano, Italy, but during this tournament match, the championship went to the young Latvian checker master, who retained the title successively in 1969 and 1971. Andreiko and Koeperman dueled for the World Championship held in Moscow in 1969; however, Andris defeated Iser by a score of 23-17. Then in 1971, Koeperman contested for the European World checkers title yet again in Tallinn, but unfortunately, the game ended in a 20-20 draw and Andreiko thus retained the title. Then in 1972, Dutch player, Ton Sijbrands, defeated Andreiko and won the checkers World title for the first time.

Without a doubt, champion Iser Koeperman participated in these championship tournaments and played opposite familiar faces in the Dutch checkers competitions, Brinta tournament, Brintatoernooi and the Sugar Tournament, Suikertoernooi, as well as the World Champion matches.

Amsterdam 1969
Ton Sijbrands visually participates in each checkers game.

Iser Koeperman vs Wim van der Sluis
Iser Koeperman
Wim van der Sluis
Harm Wiersma vs Iser Koeperman
Harm Wiersma
Iser Koeperman
Andris Andreiko vs Iser Koeperman
Andris Andreiko
Iser Koeperman
World Championship Tallinn
Iser Koeperman vs Harm Wiersma
Iser Koeperman
Harm Wiersma
World Championship
Iser Koeperman contemplating his move 1972 WC
Iser Koeperman contemplating
his move during
1972 WC.
Iser Koeperman vs Baba Sy Suikertoernooi ~ Sugar Tournament 1974
Iser Koeperman vs Baba Sy
Sugar Tournament

Sijbrands defended the World Championship title in International draughts/checkers in 1973, and he successfully retained the crown, but then in 1974, Iser Koeperman’s aggressive game style at the checkerboard was evident in the championship checkers arena as he defeated the young Dutch player to win the European World title in International draughts, but this win would be his last World title in Europe.

Koeperman continued to participate in various European checkers tournaments during the next couple of years, but somewhere between 1977 and 1978, he and his wife immigrated to the US via Vienna, Austria, or possibly Italy. Sources have stated both as his means of leaving Europe and moving to the US; however, regardless of which path Koeperman took, they settled in Brookline, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston in 1978.
Leaving his native country behind at the age of fifty-six took a certain amount of courage and resolute desire for a change in his life. Reasons for his move to the United States were cited that world champion Iser Koeperman was tired of having to face endless security checks by the KGB, as well as the effect of anti-Semitic influences on him as a Jew living in the Soviet Union at that time.

Champion Iser Koeperman World Champion Iser Koeperman
Pool Checkers Player Iser Koeperman Russian Grandmaster Iser Kuperman


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