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Checkers Writer Julian Janvier

Checkers Writer Julian Janvier

The Janvier family had escaped from France to America during the upheavals of the French Revolution of 1789-1799. Upon arriving in the US, the family settled on the banks of the Delaware River.

Checkers writer Julian Janvier was born in 1838 in Newcastle, Delaware. He attended school in this area and graduated with a BA in 1859 and then with an MA in 1862.

Julian Janvier developed an interest in checkers by the time he was fourteen in 1853 he had begun acquiring different sources on the game of checkers. Over time, he obtained one of the finest checker libraries of his era, and this collection included all manner of books and magazines ever published as well as numerous newspaper articles.

Checkers writer Julian Janvier was intrigued by the mind sport and poured a lot of time and thought into the game. He wrote extensively as a checker analyst and ‘problemist’, seeking solutions to various game plays.

As a result of his developed writing skills and knowledge of checkers, writer Julian Janvier later re-wrote the famous Guide's by Sturges and also Anderson's Guide on checkers. Checkers writer Julian Janvier included within these books, his own improved play, and these resources have now become known as "Janvier's Sturges” and “Janvier's Anderson."

Julian Janvier was held in high esteem within his community, and as a result, he was elected Mayor of Newcastle in 1886 and again in 1889.

Writer Janvier legacy in the realm of checkers is more in the study and analysis of the game, and also in the moves he created or recreated in his published works.

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