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Youth International
Wattrelos Tournament
in Wattrelos, France

The future of Checkers and Draughts.
Youth, Junior, Cadets Checkers/Draughts International Championships.

In the meantime, many younger checkers players have faced new opportunities and challenges at the board but instead of the American checkers game, they look to the future to develop mastery in the skills inherent in International Draughts.

International Checkers Youth at Wattrelos, France

International Checkers Youth Champions at the Wattrelos Tournament
in Wattrelos, France.

playing outside checkers at Wattrelos, France

Youth checkers games being played. Outside checkers at the Blitz de Wattrelos tournament Wattrelos, France.

Young competitors enjoying Wattrelos tournamentYoung competitors enjoying the checkers 2Young competitors enjoying the checkers 3

Youth checkers competitors enjoying the checkers challenge at the checkerboard in the youth division Blitz de Wattrelos tournament in Wattrelos, France.

European Youth Checkers Game Tournament 2006
European Youth Checkers Games
Tournament Facing the

Humberto Bifolco, Brazil vs Russian player World Championship St.Petersburg 2006
Humberto Bifolco, Brazil
vs Russian player
World Championship
World Championship Cadets & Mini CadetsWorld Championship Cadets & Mini Cadets 3World Championship Cadets & Mini Cadets 2

Championnat de Monde Cadets
World Championship Cadets & Mini Cadets
Tournefeuille (Toulouse) France 2006.

As the 21st century gradually moves forward, faithful parents, coaches and teachers continue to encourage children and youth of all ages in many countries around the world to participate in activities that involve checkers games and International Draughts.

Some youth checkers games players are still at the beginning stages of skill development and have not yet been consumed with the fire that will lead them towards the win on the checkers stage. However, on the other hand, there is a multitude of qualified young checkers master players eager to participate in as many International events at the checkerboard as possible, ready to display their checkers game knowledge, expertise and cross board strategies at all levels within Youth, Junior, Mini Cadets and Cadets tournaments and championships.

Junior World Youth Checkers Games International Draughts Championships St. Petersburg.

Listening to checkers instructions  Listening to instructions  checkers game instructions

Annotating youth checkers game  checkers game moves Youth Annotating checkers moves

Annotating youth checkers game moves.

Concentrating on the checkers game possibilities    Concentrating on the youth checkers

Analyzing the checkers game play

Analyzing the checkers game play.

Fatigue sets in but checkers determination rulesFatigue sets in but checkers determination rules

Fatigue sets in but checkers determination rules these youth International checkers players.
The focus is still there.

2007 Junior Youth Checkers Champions

Junior Youth World Checkers Champions

The Final Reward

As more and more school districts around the world become aware of the intrinsic teaching qualities that are an integral part of the checkers/draughts game, the future of this great mind sport is assured. With time, schools and recreational facilities will undoubtedly adopt or develop their own checkers/draughts games programs wherein students can be introduced to the fascination of the game and to the hidden magic of the challenges beneath each move on the checkerboard.

These young minds will quickly realize that there is so much more to learning and understanding the depth beneath a simple game of checkers, but hopefully, the innate challenge to beat the other opponent and secure a deserved win will become the motivating factor that develops a unique love of pursuing every chance to play a great game of checkers.

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