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The Future of Checkers and Draughts games.
2007 The 21st Checkers Championship of l'Academie de Lille.

Future Checkers playing room setup

Every year schools from Nord-Pas-de-Calais assemble with good spirits and play in this checkers game competition with sportsmanship. Future checkers competitors meet at the checker-board to display individual game skills and learned strategies, but possess the philosophy of simply having some fun. Here many have a chance to make new friends as well as develop their checkers game abilities further. The checkers tournament is an excellent way for these future checkers players to gain experience in competitive game play and to spread their checkers wings in real live sport competition. The best part of this championship is that it is represented by children of all ages and all skill levels and may be the stage where future checkers masters and grandmasters will have their beginning.

Young future checker players

21st Championnat de l'Academie de Lille 21st Championnat de l'Academie de Lille Games

The 21st Championnat de l'Academie de Lille hosted a field of 184 young future checkers players at Wattrelos on April 7, 2007 and the 22nd Championship tournament will be played on March 8, 2008, at Wattrelos, France.

The Wattrelos Checkers Club is very progressive in its approach to teaching the board game to young novice future checkers players within the school setting and within the club itself. For this reason, it has a strong youth checkers team that takes on challenges with great success in many local and regional tournaments and the amazing fact is that the players are all under the age of 20.

Europe Future Checkers Games

Europe certainly has had an eye on the future of Checkers and International Draughts and this has become apparent in the serious way in which the game is being promoted within the school system of many regions as well as throughout the local, regional and national clubs that provide developed programs in checkers and experienced coaches in the mind sport.

The municipality of Hardenberg is one of the regions that has promoted the board game in the Netherlands. In the spring of 2007, three qualifying tournament rounds were held so determine the finalists for the team championship round that would be hosted in De Schakel Aanvang on May 30, 2007.

Before the commencement of the checkers elementary school championship, a large number of teams were expected to enter the tournament, but the numbers fell short in the second qualifier round. There were nine teams in the first qualifying round, five teams in the second round and nine teams in the third round of checkers game play.

In each qualifier, the teams played a total of 7 rounds where the games were 15 minutes duration of play at the checkerboard. Parents and teachers supported every qualifying event with enthusiasm towards the young checkers players. Excitement mounted in the second round, as it was necessary to hold a play off round to determine the 2nd and 3rd place finishers. The final championship match would definitely be the highlight for most of these novice checkers players.

Hardenberg has also recognized the hidden value behind the skills and techniques that are learned at the checkerboard and is encouraging the game activity within the school system. This mind sport has become more than a mere fun time game to amuse the learners and give them a break from the tedium of lessons; in fact, checkers has become an interesting and challenging way to teach children a variety of skills that will enhance their competitiveness as well as their chances for prosperity and success on the future checkers game world stage.

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