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Curaçao Open International Draughts Championship Tournament

After competing in the 5th Pan-American Draughts Junior Championship, there was another opportunity to display the acquired checkers skills in the Curaçao Open tournament in October of that year. The San Marco Hotel in Willemstad was the host of the International checkers draughts championship competition and the owner/sponsor of the match, Jacobo Prince, presented the young winners with their championship trophies.
Draughts Winners Vivian Troncon Rishaira Giterson

Draughts Championship Winners

Vivian Troncon
Rishaira Giterson
Turani Lodriguez
Championship Winners Mijail Eisden Quincy Lopez

Draughts Championship Winners

Mijail Eisden
Quincy Lopez
Rowendy Arion
Shayron Minguel
Ashton Pargash
Benjamin Martis
Vivian Troncon won all her draughts championship games and earned 10 points to give her the championship title. Her checkers game opponent, Rishaira Giterson, placed 2nd with 8 points and Turani Lodriguez ranked 3rd with 6 points. The male division was won by draughts champion Mijail Eisden, who won four games and tied in a draw with Shayron Minguel, to give him 9 points total. Quincy Lopez placed 2nd (8 points) and Rowendy Arion ranked 3rd (6 points).

The young Curaçao checkers draughts players were given yet another golden opportunity to spread their illustrious game wings and test their checkerboard skills at the 2007 Draughts Championship Festival hosted by the San Marco Hotel and the Curaçao Checkers/Draughts Federation in Willemstad.

Junior Checkers Draughts Champions

Champion Vivian Troncon
Champion Vivian Troncon
Rishaira Giterson (2nd)
Turani Lodriguez (3rd)
Champion Quincy Lopez Owen Michel
Champion Quincy Lopez
Owen Michel (2nd)
Ramfis Rojas (3rd)
Without a doubt, these junior International draughts championship players will eagerly step onto the checkers stage at the 6th Pan-American Draughts Junior Championship to be held in Paramaribo, Suriname in 2008 and will be facing a roster of new and experienced players from around the Caribbean and perhaps from Canada and the US as well.

These players, as well as numerous others from the Caribbean and South American countries, will become the future Masters and Grandmasters in this great mind sport and will hopefully encourage new youth to join the draughts championship games at the checkerboard.

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