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Dutch Checkers Career
Harm Wiersma

Year 2006

Harm Wiersma coaching Kees Thijssen
Harm Wiersma coaching Kees Thijssen
Checking out the Checkerists
Checking out the Checkerists
Harm Wiersma with personal interpreter
Harm Wiersma with personal interpreter.
Harm Wiersma playing at the club
Harm Wiersma playing at the club
Harm Wiersma & Mongolian Winners
Harm Wiersma
Mongolian Winners.
Joeri & Harm Wiersma
Joeri & Harm Wiersma
Checkers Championship
Harm Wiersma at Barnsteen Tournament
Harm Wiersma at Barnsteen Tournament

Harm Wiersma
The Checkers Writer

The following works were written by the Dutch checkers player.:
  • Damjeugd, knowledge; Zutphen

  • Wiersma over Sijbrands next Andreiko Wiersma about Sijbrands vs Andreiko Spectrum, Utrecht /Antwerp, 1974

  • Damminiaturen Miniature Checkers, Spectrum, Utrecht / Antwerp, 1977

  • Dammen in ontwikkeling written with P. Lauwen, Checkers Under Development Part 1 and 2, Leiden, 1980

  • Dammen, Inleidende spelkennis (Introductory Checkers) Tirion Sports, Baarn, 1987

  • Dammen, De rol van de combinatie (Checkers, The Role of the Combination)1987, Tirion Sports, Baarn

  • Dammen, Strategie en taktiek (Checkers, Strategy and Tactics) 1987, Tirion Sports, Baarn

  • Dammen, Analyse van spelvormen (Checkers, Analysis of Plays) 1987, Tirion Sports, Baarn
Throughout the course of his checkers career from 1963 until 2007, Harm Wiersma became a dedicated professional checkers game player who ranked 15th in the World according to the FMJD as of the beginning of 2008. Apart from his involvement in simultaneous checkers play and demonstrations of the game, he is a professional organizer for checkers tournaments and a businessman. Thru his Dutch Checkers Career Harm Wiersma writes about checkers in the newspaper, 'De Telegraaf' and is a member of the FMJD board, representing the interests of the Netherlands checkers game associations.

Checkers Career Of The Harm Wiersma, Dutch Grandmaster At The Checkerboard.
Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow…

1968 Harm
Harm Wiersma
1971 Harm Wiersma
Harm Wiersma
1972 Harm Wiersma
Harm Wiersma
1975 Harm Wiersma
Harm Wiersma
1975 Harm Wiersma 1
Harm Wiersma 1
1976 Harm Wiersma
Harm Wiersma

The above photos depict the early years in the Dutch checkers career of the Harm Wiersma, Dutch Grandmaster at the checkerboard. He is first seen as a member of the Netherlands team against the Soviet Union checkers team in 1968, then three years later Harm Wiersma is facing an opponent in one of the many tournaments he entered. After that, Harm is a spectator to a match between Krijn Toet and Frans Hermelink at the World Championships in 1972. Following this, Harm is deep in concentration during another of his many checkers games in 1975. The final pictures show Harm Wiersma in two of his competitions from his World Championship match in 1976 defeating Nevio Zorn from Italy and Raoul Delhom from France. This first world championship title was the beginning of a great many successful checkers games in his career. Harm Wiersma has played against numerous Dutch, European and International tournaments and World Championships during the course of his checkers career, which has spanned more than forty-four years to date.

During that time, the Dutch Grandmaster has faced both Master and Grandmaster opponents across the checkerboard during his checkers career, and International players include: Iser Koeperman, Anatoli Gantwarg, Alexander Dibman, Alexei Tsjizjov, Guntis Valneris, Andris Andreiko, ‘Slawa’ Sjtsjogolev, Baba Sy, Fidele Nimbi, Mamina N’Diaye, Raoul Bubbi and Carl ‘Buster’ Smith. Dutch checkers national opponents included: Ton Sijbrands, Frans Drost, Hans Jansen, Rob Clerc, Piet Roozenburg, Jannes van der Wal, Auke Scholma, Bauke Bies, Anton Schotanus, Pieter Bergsma, Menno Bandstra, Sjoerd Visser, Johan Capelle, Hendrik van der Zee, Kees Thijssen and various others.

Over the course of his Dutch checkers career, Harm Wiersma was involved in the mind sport of checkers in various capacities from Grandmaster player to coach to demonstrator to simultaneous player. He participated in 17 National Championships in the Netherlands of which he won eight titles, won six checkers World Championship titles and one European Championship title. Wiersma participated in numerous checkers tournaments and competitions in the International arena where he displayed an innovative game and personality. His techniques at the checkerboard easily showed that he loved complex propositions and creative ‘crooks’ and could come from behind the leader to win the championship once the initiative was there.

Harm Wiersma is indeed a Dutch politician with a past and now into the 21st century, where will his love of checkers take him next?
Harm Wiersma Dressed Harm Wiersma Plays Harm Wiersma Game Time Harm Wiersma Career Harm Wiersma Smile

Netherlands Harm Wiersma
Checkers Game Simultaneous Record World Champion Harm Wiersma Harm Wiersma European Champion
Representative Wiersma Dutch checkers Harm Wiersma Players Harm Wiersma and Ton Sijbrands

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