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Checkers World Champion
Harm Wiersma

Throughout his checkers career, checkers world champion Harm Wiersma contested in International tournaments and World Championship checkers competitions played in countries around the world: Russia, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Suriname, Brazil, Mali, and Senegal. However, the European International Draughts/Checkers World Championship matches were most often held in the Netherlands.
Champion Harm Wiersma faced the opposition of Grandmaster and renowned checkerist, Iser Koeperman in the World Championship tournament in Hengelo, Netherlands in 1972.

Iser Koeperman in the World Championship tournament in Hengelo, Netherlands, in 1972.
Iser Koeperman
Iser Koeperman in the World Championship tournament in Hengelo, Netherlands, in 1972 checkers
Iser Koeperman
in 1972 checkers game.
Then, four years later in 1976, Wiersma’s checkers game found the winning combination so much so that he defeated all his opponents across the checkerboard, including some strong Grandmasters from the Soviet Union, in the World tournament in Amsterdam to become the checkers World Champion for the first time in his career.
5th Round vs Hisard
5th Round
Harm Wiersma vs Hisard
Harm Wiersma The Winning Moment
Harm Wiersma
The Winning Moment?
Harm Wiersma vs Fidele Nimbi
Harm Wiersma
vs Fidele Nimbi
Thom Nobbe & Harm Wiersma
Thom Nobbe &
Harm Wiersma
Harm with his parents
Harm with his parents & sister.
Iser Koeperman Words of Wisdom
Iser Koeperman
~Words of Wisdom

International Checkers World Champion 1976

Two years later checkers world champion Harm Wiersma, the Dutch checkers champion defended his title against Anatoli Gantwarg in Arco, Italy, but was not able to beat the Russian master in this competition. The final score ended as 7 wins against 5. However, in 1979, Wiersma was the challenger in the final round and this time succeeded in defeating the Russian in Utrecht, Netherlands, with a closing score of 22-18 for Harm Wiersma.

Anatoli GantwargAnatoli Gantwarg vs Harm Wiersma

Anatoli Gantwarg vs Harm Wiersma
World Championship Utrecht, Netherlands, 1979.

Harm Wiersma World Champion

The checkers fight was now on between Wiersma and Gantwarg, who regained the Checkers World Champion title in 1980 at the championship competition held in Bamako, Mali. Then, Harm Wiersma fought tenaciously to recapture his checkers World Championship title in the Rotterdam tournament of 1981. This time Wiersma defeated the Russian World Champion and Grandmaster by a score of 22-18, yet again.

Harm Wiersma & Anatoli Gantwarg 1981Harm Wiersma & Anatoli Gantwarg 1
Harm Wiersma & Anatoli Gantwarg
Rotterdam, Netherlands 1981.

In 1982, there was a new contender for the title ~ Jannes van der Wal, who won the World checkers title in the International competition in Sao Paolo, Brazil. This only lasted a year as Harm Wiersma came back with a vengeance in 1983 and once more regained the Checkers World Champion title as he defeated van der Wal across the checkerboard with a final score of 21-19.

During 1983, Champion Harm Wiersma also participated in the 8th Volmac Achtkamp (World Qualifier) and played against Anatoli Gantwarg, Alexander Baljakin, and Vadim Virni and won the checkers game tournament with a first place standing.
Vadim Virni vs Harm Wiersma
Vadim Virni vs Harm Wiersma
Volmac Achtkamp Rotterdam
Harm Wiersma & Jannes van der Wal
Harm Wiersma & Jannes van der Wal
Volmac Achtkamp Rotterdam

Harm Wiersma World Champion 1983

The following year Checkers World Champion Harm Wiersma, in International checkers defended his title in the final round against Vadim Virni, but the match ended in a 20-20 tie for both checkerists. This outcome resulted in Harm retaining his European World title, and unfortunately for Virni, the score lost him the championship title and placed him 2nd overall.

Harm Wiersma Player
Harm Wiersma
Champion Player

Harm Wiersma vs Vadim Virni
Harm Wiersma vs Vadim Virni
World Championship 1984
Vadim Virni
Vadim Virni

Harm Wiersma retains title as International checkers World Champion.

Shortly after the match with Virni, Wiersma withdraws from personal world competitions and again only the checkers Grandmaster fully knows the rationale behind the decision. Perhaps the competition ceased to be as challenging or the novelty of the championship title had worn off. Perhaps it was simply time to step back and focus on other aspects of the checkers world. Regardless, it would be years before Wiersma re-entered the checkers arena in the same limelight as before.

Netherlands Harm Wiersma
Checkers Game Simultaneous Record World Champion Harm Wiersma Harm Wiersma European Champion
Representative Wiersma Dutch checkers Harm Wiersma Players Harm Wiersma and Ton Sijbrands

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