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Harm Wiersma participated in the Suikertoernooi in Amsterdam and joined the checkers arena and field of experienced masters of the checkerboard, but displayed his strategies to his advantage and tied for first place with Ton Sijbrands.
Anatoli Gantwarg vs Harm Wiersma
Anatoli Gantwarg vs Harm Wiersma
Suikertoernooi Amsterdam in 1970
Dutch Player Ton
Ton Sijbrands looks on.
During this checkers competition, Wiersma had an opportunity to meet with and play against Senegalese Grandmaster, Baba Sy, after ten years had passed since Harm faced Baba Sy as a checkers opponent in 1963.

There was also time for a cultural exchange as Baba Sy displayed and sold African necklaces from his home country. From 1970 through to 1977, Harm faced the Senegalese master across the checkerboard several times, as well as Mamina N’Diaye, the first African checkers player from Mali to enter the checkers game circuit in 1975.
Harm Wiersma vs Baba Sy
Harm & Baba looking at B’s wares
Ton Sijbrands vs Harm Wiersma
Harm vs Carl ‘Buster’ Smith
Baba Sy vs Harm Wiersma
Harm vs Baba
Harm vs Vladimir Agafonov
Harm vs Jan de Ruiter
Wiersma vs Baba Sy
Harm Wiersma vs Mamina N’Diaye
Harm Wiersma vs Mamina N’Diaye 1
(A) From left to right ~ 1963, Harm Wiersma vs Baba Sy; 1970, Harm & Baba looking at B’s wares.;
Ton Sijbrands vs Harm Wiersma, Suikertoernooi 1972

(B)1972, Harm vs Carl ‘Buster’ Smith, U.S.A.; 1973, Baba Sy vs Harm Wiersma; 1975, Harm vs Baba

(C) 1975, Harm vs Vladimir Agafonov; 1975, Harm vs Jan de Ruiter; 1977, Wiersma vs Baba Sy;
1977, Harm Wiersma vs Mamina N’Diaye ~ (1) & (2) Apart from a regular game of checkers facing an opponent’s strategies on a one on one basis, Harm Wiersma also favored playing simultaneous record of checkers games in much the same way as Jannes van der Wal and Ton Sijbrands. He enjoyed playing this style of competitive checkers games as often as possible and was always seeking new competitors in order to obtain the highest possible result. Harm was challenged to improve his score with each simultaneous record of checkers match that was played. In 1975, Wiersma improved on Ton Sijbrand’s simultaneous record by playing against 187 opponents in one sitting.

Wiersma improves on Sijbrand’s simultaneous record of Checkers
Wiersma improves on Sijbrand’s simultaneous record of checkers games at Hierden 1975.
Wiersma Plays simultaneous record at Hierden
Wiersma Plays and improves on Sijbrand’s simultaneous record at Hierden 1975.
Harm Wiersma improves simultaneous record at Hierden 1975
Harm Wiersma improves on
Sijbrand’s simultaneous record at Hierden 1975.

Netherlands Harm Wiersma
Checkers Game Simultaneous Record World Champion Harm Wiersma Harm Wiersma European Champion
Representative Wiersma Dutch checkers Harm Wiersma Players Harm Wiersma and Ton Sijbrands

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