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Checkers Champion Ricardo Pierre

Checkers Champion 14th Pan-American Draughts Championships Sao Paolo, Brazil, 2007

Checkers Champion
14th Pan-American Draughts Championships
Sao Paolo, Brazil, 2007

Ricardo Pierre PlayingRicardo Pierre Draughts player

14th Pan-American Draughts (Checkers) Champion
This new champion is eligible to play in the May 2008 World Championship match
in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and will join many Masters and Grandmasters on the checkers stage in this exciting world tournament.

What's next for Ricardo Pierre
What's next for Checkers Champion
Ricardo Pierre.
Ricardo Pierre vs José Maria Silva Filho (3rd)
Ricardo Pierre vs José Maria Silva Filho (3rd)

Anthony Alexandre

Pan-American Champion
Pan-American Draughts Champion Curaçao
Pan-American Ricardo Pierre 2007
Pan-American Checkers Championship Ricardo Pierre Brazil 2007

This young Haitian player has been on the checkers stage for a few years and has already achieved some success in the Pan-American draughts circuit. Checkers champion Ricardo Pierre was also at the Junior Pan-American checkers games. Anthony Alexandre won the junior Pan-American championship games before moving into the adult draughts arena. In the 2003-2004 championship year, Alexandre won the Curaçao Pan-American title and became champion of that checkers tournament competition, and as a result, Anthony was thus one of the championship players who was selected by the PADCF to represent the Pan-American zone in the 2005 World Competition in Zwartewaterland, Amsterdam.

Checkers Player Anthony Alexandre

Since his Pan-American win, Anthony has participated in numerous checkers tournaments. Alexandre placed fourth in the 13th Guadeloupe Open in 2004 and fifth in the 2nd Memorial Marcel-Deslauriers Draughts tournament in Montreal, also in 2004. He also played in the 4th Open International Draughts Tournament of Curaçao that was won by Jean-Marc Ndjofang of Cameroon. Kees Thijssen from the Netherlands took second place and Anthony ranked third.

By 2005, the Haitian checkers player had relocated in Montreal, Quebec. He participated in the 13th Pan-American Draughts (checkers) Championships hosted in Montreal that same year, but Alexandre represented his native country, Haiti. He only finished in eighth place in this tournament, but was not deterred from playing the game of checkers as he went on to win the 2005 Quebec Open of International draughts.

Checkers Player Gilles Carisse
Gilles Carisse vs Anthony Alexandre
2005 Quebec Open
Checkers Player Anthony Alexandre
Anthony Alexandre, Shang Wong Louicéus
and Quebec contenders

In 2007, Alexandre placed his skills at the checkerboard once again in the Championnat Ouvert du Canada or the Championship of the Canada Open, and placed 4th, again behind his Haitian compatriot, Shang Wong Louicéus. Later in the year, Anthony tried his hand at le Jeu de dames Canadiens or Canadian checkers played on a 12 x 12 checkerboard in the Tournoi de Berthierville or first annual draughts tournament of Berthierville. In this tournament, the young checkerist ranked sixth.

Anthony Alexandre has already distinguished himself in the checkers circle of International draughts competition, and currently ranks in 2nd place across Canada, just behind his former compatriot from Haiti, Shang Wong Louicéus. Anthony’s checkers status is that of MN (Master National standing) and he will surely face many other masters in the coming years, whether in International draughts on the 10 x 10 checkerboard, or in le jeu de dames canadiens on the 12 x 12 game board. Some day he may challenge opponents on the International circuit and become an MI, and perhaps later, he may even attain the world status of Grandmaster in International checkers.

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