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Checkers Player Terry Thomas
Plays Jan Mortimer

Shortly after the GAYP qualifier in Prague, Jan Mortimer traveled to Limerick, Ireland in a challenge for the 3-Move World Title with Patricia Breen. The match consisted of fifteen games and became an experience in concentration for Jan. According to Jan’s account of the match, she won the first game rather easily, but then Patricia won the second and somehow Jan could not manage to head her off after that. Mortimer said that this time the checkers games were more difficult to assess because Patricia played a slow and cautious game, which made it hard to focus on the checkerboard. Jan felt that this very slowness was hard to deal with psychologically and for this reason some male opponents have a hard time playing against Breen. The final score of the match was five wins, one loss and nine draws for Patricia.
However, the organizers of the Irish Masters competition invited Jan back for 2006 and guaranteed her as much quality competition as possible and who could turn down an offer like that?

Also in 2006, Jan was scheduled to play Amangul Durdyev for the 1st GAYP Women’s World Championship Match, but she withdrew from the competition for the vacant World GAYP title because of pressing family commitments. The WCDF General Assembly thus awarded the World Title to Amangul.

However, during the following year, Jan was back facing opponents across the checkerboard in a national and International competition.

March 2007 New Zealand National competitors

March 2007 New Zealand National competitors.
L-R : Ivan Narbey, Jan Mortimer, Jack VanNieuwkerk, Dave Eades, & Ralph Dixon In March 2007, Jan participated in the New Zealand 3-Move Nationals held in Christchurch and played a solid series of checkers games to come close to the win. She finished in 2nd place, just behind the National Champion, Ivan Narbie, with a score of 14 points to his 15 points.

She was on the road again to other checkers appointments across the waters as she first traveled to Las Vegas in September to participate in the qualifying tournament for the Women’s World 3-Move Championship Title. Jan won the event and earned the right to challenge WC Amangul Durdyev for the title in 2008.

Following this successful tournament, Jan flew to Wales to contest in the Welsh Open, also held in September 2007. In the pictures below, Jan is deep in thought over the next move on the checkerboard at the Welsh Open.
The next checker move
The next checker move?
Checkers Champions Jan & Perry Haydn from Wales, the game ended
Checkers Champions
Jan & Perry Haydn from
Wales, the game ended
in a draw.
Checkers Champions, Decisions, decisions
Checkers Champions,
Decisions, Decisions...
Checkers Champion Jan and Terry Thomas
Checkers Champion Jan
and Terry Thomas.
Checkers Champion Jan and Terry Thomas checkers
Checkers Champion Jan
and Terry Thomas playing checkers.
Checkers Champion Jan and Terry Thomas game
Checkers Champion Jan
and Terry Thomas, who will win the game?
Photographer - Lindus Edwards

Champion Terry Thomas Plays

In the Welsh Open in 2007, Jan displayed her checkers skills across the checkerboard against a host of male opponents and was in the lead after four rounds of game play, but unfortunately, Jan Mortimer then lost to checkers player Lindus Edwards. Her final score resulted in a 4th place finish behind Terry Thomas in 1st place, player Lindus Edwards taking 2nd and Liam Stephens finishing 3rd. However, Jan Mortimer was the only checkers player to win against the tournament champion and that alone makes quite a statement about her checkerboard ability.

Since there was no bid for hosting the Women’s World GAYP Match between Amangul Durdyev and Jan Mortimer, it now becomes the responsibility of the challenger from New Zealand to make a bid for the match, according to WCDF by-laws and if she fails to do so, then Jan will forfeit her right as challenger. However, considering her depth of interest in the checkers mind sport, it is doubtful that the checkers game master would allow that to happen, so enthusiasts in the checkers arena will eagerly be waiting for the announcement in 2008.

Checkers Game Women Joan Caws Women Checkers Player Patricia Breen
Checkers Player Jan Mortimer Checkers Player Lindus Edwards

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