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Women Checkers Player
Patricia Breen

Although the International checkers circuit doesn't see the faces of many young women across the checkerboard, numerous opponents have faced one of the three checker playing Breen sisters from Ireland.

Patricia Breen Grandmaster Checkers ChampionKarena Breen Grandmaster Checkers ChampionAnne-Marie Breen Grandmaster Checkers Champion
Patricia Breen Grandmaster Checkers Champion, Breen

Breen Grandmaster Checkers sisters

Anne-Marie Breen Checkers Champion
Anne-Marie Breen Grandmaster Checkers Champion

Born in 1976, women checkers player Patricia Breen is the oldest of the sisterly trio, but also one of a family of seven girls from Bennekerry, Carlow, Ireland. Their father, Patrick Breen, introduced his three daughters to the inherent challenge and mysteries of the moves on a checkerboard. As a wonderful side benefit to his teachings, the women checkers players Breen sisters have all won national titles in the checkers game arena, just like their father.

All three of the Breen sisters, Patricia Breen, Karena and Anne-Marie, have become Grandmasters in the checkers game. The youngest sister is Ann-Marie and she won the 1993 Irish Junior Checker Championship, whereas Karena, middle sister, took the title for the 1994 British and Irish Ladies Checker Championships. Checkers player Patricia Breen is the oldest of the checker playing Breen sisters and perhaps has the most fame for her International checkers play and status as former Ladies World Checker Game Champion.

Patricia’s checkers career began at an early age and she certainly appears to have had a natural affinity for the intricacies of the game. Checkers player Patricia Breen first began her tenure at the checkerboard in the competitive play in the Under 10 division at the Community Games, a nationwide organization that promotes events and activities such as checkers matches among local youth under 17. Patricia participated in the Under 14 division and won the gold medal by taking first place at the Community Checkers Games that year. Even more amazing a feat for the young checkers player was her championship win in 1988 where she became the Irish Women’s Champion at the tender age of 12. Shortly after this win, in 1989, the young Irish checkers master at the advanced age of thirteen challenged Joan Caws for the Women’s World Championship title. Joan and Pat tied the match with a score of six wins, six losses and eight draws, but as Joan held the World Champion title in checkers already, she retained it for another four years until Patricia Breen challenged for the title again.

The following year, this fourteen-year old Irish checkers master was invited to play in a youth division match in Russia and her feat was to finish with the best overall checkers score of the tournament match. Later that same year, undaunted, champion checkers player Patricia faced mostly male opposition across the checkerboard in the Irish Open Checkers Championship and yet successfully placed first in the Intermediate division of the tournament.

The last decade of the 20th century was an important one for Ireland’s Patricia Breen in a number of significant ways. Not only did her expertise and skill at the checkerboard continue to develop, but it also paid off in a series of successful wins:
  • 1992 ~ Champion checkers player Patricia Breen represented Ireland on the senior Irish International Draughts/Checkers team in a series of matches between the national checkers teams of Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland; Patricia’s game play surprised all participants when she scored twelve wins and four draws out of sixteen checkers games; Patricia Breen was awarded with a special trophy for best player of the tournament series.

  • 1993 ~ Patricia Breen was the challenger against Joan Caws in the Women’s World Title Championship Match in checkers; the event was hosted in Weston-Super-Mare, England, where the 16-year old Irish checkers master displayed her experience, confidence and skill at the checkerboard defeating Joan soundly with a final score of eight wins, one loss and five draws.

  • 1994 ~ Player Patricia Breen retained her World Title.

  • 1995 ~ Younger sister, Karena Breen, challenged for the Women’s World Checkers Championship Title and Patricia Breen was called upon to defend it and this unique World Championship Match was hosted at the International Checker Hall of Fame in Petal, Mississippi; there really was no contest according to the final score of the checkers match when Patricia defeated her sister with five wins, one loss and ten draws and so retained her title of World Champion.

  • 1995 ~ Irish checkers queen participated in the English Open Championship and placed a respectable 3rd, consisting the number of seasoned players.

  • 1996/2000 ~ Again women checkers player Patricia Breen represented Ireland at the international level checkers matches against the national British teams across the isles
At the beginning of the millennium, Patricia’s checkers reputation awarded her another feather in her checkered cap, as she was asked to participate as a member of the Britain/Ireland team that would play against the U.S. team in the seventh International Match in 2001. This was indeed a great honor and unique experience for this young checkers master, as Patricia Breen was the first woman to achieve this recognition in the 100 year history of the checkers game competition.

In 2003, Breen once again participated in the English Open Draughts/Checkers Championship held at the Isle-of-Wight. Patricia Breen was only one of three women who competed at the checkerboard against an arena of twenty-one male opponents. Again Patricia’s inherent checkers skill and expertise brought her to a near win, as she placed second to English Champion, Fred Buckby’s win.

Since that time, the Irish checkers Grandmaster has continued to display her checkerboard acumen, where the summer of 2003 brought Breen to Cookstown, County Tyrone for the International Festival of Draughts/Checkers in Northern Ireland. Here spectators saw Patricia Breen defend her Women’s World Title against 2002 U.S. Women’s 3-Move National Tournament Champion, Jan Mortimer, checkers Grandmaster from New Zealand. This fourth title challenge for Patricia Breen was a solid competition for both players with Breen, now 27, winning the first four games of the match. In the second half of the tournament, Jan made a valiant comeback but was not able to catch the score. Patricia retained the Women’s World Championship Checkers Game Title with a final score of five wins, one loss and ten draws ~ the exact same result as that played against her sister, Karena, in 1995.

Patricia Breen & Jan Mortimer Checkers Champions

Patricia Breen & Jan Mortimer

Women’s World Title Championship 3-Move Checkers Match 2003

Patricia Breen’s continued successes in the 21st century:

  • 2004 ~ Patricia Breen represented Ireland yet again at International level with her participation in the nation matches against England, Scotland and Wales.

  • 2005 ~ The Irish checkers Grandmaster represented the Britain/Ireland International team with Joan Caws and other notable British checkers players against the U.S. International Team Match.
Checkers Champions Patricia Breen vs Jim Morrison
Checkers Champions
Patricia Breen
Jim Morrison
Checkers Champions Patricia Breen vs Michael Holmes
Checkers Champions
Patricia Breen
Michael Holmes
2007 ~ Player Patricia Breen participated in the Scottish Open Championship, Masters division, at Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, Scotland in July and placed 6th.
  • The British & Irish GAYP Checkers Championships were held at Castletroy, Limerick, in September, and the tournament attracted 20 entries comprising master checkers players from throughout Ireland, England and Scotland and included 10 rounds of checkerboard play; Section "A" or the Masters division was won by Shane Mc Cosker, with 2nd place going to Frank Moran and a 3rd place tie to Patricia Breen and Sean Cronin.

  • The big event for women’s checkers players in 2007 was the World Championship Title Match where Patricia Breen, World 3-Move Champion, defended her title against challenger, Amangul Durdyev, World GAYP Champion from Turkmenistan; the title match was indeed between the world’s foremost women checkers competitors, who were rated at an even caliber of checkers game play and held the title of Woman Grandmaster (WGM).

  • The WCM was held during the All-Ireland Open Draughts/Checkers Championship in Buncrana, County Donegal, Ireland from Oct. 27-31, 2007 and both competitors played excellent opposition games at the checkerboard but the end result was that the 20 year old Amangul defeated the reigning Women’s World Champion since 1993 by a final score of eight wins, two losses and six draws.

Checkers Game Women Joan Caws Women Checkers Player Patricia Breen
Checkers Player Jan Mortimer Checkers Player Terry Thomas

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