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The millennium brought a greater awareness of the computer age, and also began to bring the checkers styles closer together on the competitive stage. Ron King branched out from the checkers style he loved and tried his hand at the 10 x 10 International checkerboard. In 2000, King participated in the American checkers arena and also the International draughts/checkers circuit in the Caribbean.
Ron entered the 2nd International Open Tournament in St. Andrews, Grenada, and did not have to travel so far from home. The competition field consisted of International draughts players who would engage in a nine game Round Robin tournament playing on the 10 x 10 checkerboard. Here he played against Dickson Maughn from Trinidad & Tobago, and Adam Kelvin Andall from Grenada as well as other strong master checkers opponents. ‘Suki’ placed seventh in the top ten players, and did well considering his favored style of checkers play is GAYP on an 8 x 8 checkerboard.
Also in 2000, King made a sojourn to Toledo, Ohio, for the ‘Asa Long Millennium Checkers Tournament’ that was the 42nd National 3-Move competition. Ron faced a roster of familiar faces across the checker board, but only succeeded in placing 3rd behind Elbert Lowder and Alex Moiseyev. Alex, although he was tied with Elbert at 26 points, won the Checkers Game World 3 move title by Honor Points and became the U.S. 3-Move National Champion and the 3-Move World Champ under the auspices of the WCDF.
The International style of draughts must have intrigued his checkers spirit, for the following year the King traveled to Willemstad, Curaçao, for the 1st open checkers world 3 move title Championship of Curaçao.
This time the checkers game stage hosted the challenge of thirty-one other checkers masters from the Netherlands and the Caribbean. Ron had the opportunity to play against a field of strong West Indian masters and Grandmasters, other than those who frequented the American checkers circuit. Such checkers notables that graced the checkerboards were Kees Thijssen (Netherlands), Stanley Moertoer (Suriname), Adam Kelvin Andall (Grenada), Nelsen Angela (Curaçao), and Dickson Maughn (Trinidad). The skill and expertise within the checkers game were certainly represented well in this International tournament, and gave Ron King a chance to develop a different mind set for the International 3 move version of the checkers mind sport. King ranked 17th out of thirty-two master players.

International checkers scene offered opportunities to play 3 move checkers

This International checkers scene offered opportunities to play in several competitions such as the Open International Tournament in Guadeloupe, the Open International Tournament in Grenada, and the Open International Checkers tournament in Curaçao, and presented the GM with a different style of checkers to conquer. In the photo above, Ron King is seated at the checkerboard in a game in Willemstad, and behind him is his opponent, Leonardo Moreno from the Dominican Republic. Perhaps the game is going in King’s favor, as he is smiling broadly, which is not something one sees that often as he is usually so intense about his checkers game.
Also in 2001, the Bajan Grandmaster crossed the Atlantic yet again to attend the English Open Draughts Tournament in Morecambe, England. The winner of this checkers competition was Tom Watson from Scotland, but Ron settled for second place as he had prior commitments, which caused him to miss the last two rounds of play. King also won the Irish Open Checkers Championship tournament and 3 move title that same year.
King was back on the American checkers stage challenging master players in the Tom Wiswell Memorial Tournament in the fall of 2001. The National GAYP masters competition held a field of twenty expert checkers players and Ron defeated all his opponents with a total score of twenty-eight points to become the World GAYP Champion. There was a 4-way tie for second place between Alex Moiseyev, Jack Francis (Barbados), Jim Morrison, and Richard Hallett; however, Moiseyev was favored as the U.S. National GAYP Champion due to Honor Points acquired in the checkers game 3 move title tournament.

Ron was back in the International checkers circuit the following February to play the board game in a field of twenty master checkerists at the 11th Pan-American Senior Draughts Championships held in St. Andrews, Grenada. Checkerboard challengers came from twelve countries in Europe, USA, and the West Indies: Antigua, Barbados, Brazil, Costa Rica, Curaçao, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guadeloupe, St. Vincent, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, and USA. Twenty Masters and Grandmasters appeared on the checkers stage to participate in a Round-Robin tournament competition. One unfortunate situation developed during the checkers match where the tournament committee disqualified Dickson Maughn of Trinidad and Tobago after giving Adam Andall of Grenada a draw by pointing out in front of the spectators how he could win the game. Therefore, all games of Maughn were declared invalid and he was suspended from tournament checkers play for one year. Vladimir Veytsman from the U.S. won the competition. Ron King scored seventeen points and placed twelfth in this checkers game title tournament.

View of Grenada

A View of Grenada

Shortly after the checkers competition in St. Andrews, the Bajan King faced a circumstance of his own. Ron defended his 3-Move Restriction Title against challenger Alex Moiseyev in the December 2000 match held at ICHF in Petal, Mississippi. The checkers match ended in a tie with a score of 3-3-18, and King retained his title. Moiseyev challenged the GM again for a re-match, but King ‘played hideaway’ and after timely negotiations where his demands were finally met, the ACF scheduled this rematch for September 2001. Unfortunately, the rematch was never played between the two Grandmaster checkers opponents, so the ACF stripped King of his World 3-Move Title for failing to sign a bona fide contract to defend it, and allowed other contenders to play for the vacant checkers game 3 move title, and this match was eventually given to Alex Moiseyev and Elbert Lowder.
The EDA listed the following commentary on their site:

“ March 11, 2002. ICHF. World 3-Move Title match Moiseyev vs Lowder
Moiseyev becomes ACF World 3-Move Champion 2002. World Freestyle and 3-Move champion, Ron King from Barbados, has been sensationally stripped of his World 3-Move Title by the ACF for failing to abide by ACF by-laws re title match. A match for the vacant 3-Move Title was played between the No 1 challenger A. Moiseyev and E. Lowder. This controversial match started on Monday March 11th at the Checker Hall of Fame, Petal Mississippi. Alex Moiseyev defeated Elbert Lowder by the score of 12-0-17 to become the ACF World 3 move Champion.”

There does not appear to be any comment from Ron King about the ACF action or the title match, but it certainly didn't prevent him from pursuing the game he loved as he continued to play checkers on the International circuit later that year. In the summer of 2002, King entered the 2nd International Open Draughts Tournament in Willemstad, Curaçao, in the Dutch Caribbean to participate in a Round-Robin 3 move checkers competition in a field of twenty-eight expert opponents from Europe and the West Indies checkers circuit. In this match he challenged opponents on the 10 x 10 International checkerboard and placed 11th with a final score of 48 points.

Analyzing his options
Ron King
Analyzing his options
Willemstad, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles
Willemstad, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles
He then traveled to the quaint village of Stonehaven, Scotland, which is approximately fifteen miles south of Aberdeen to participate in the British Open Draughts Tournament. Here Ron played against various seasoned checkers game masters, but his game was strong and his checkerboard skills declared themselves as he won the tournament to take 1st place and the championship 3-move title. The spectators witnessed a very tight checkers match between the top players as Ron King scored 29 points, Alex Moiseyev, USA, placed 2nd with 27 points, and Hugh Devlin, Ireland, placed 3rd in the checkers competition with 25 points.
Stonehaven Harbour
Stonehaven Harbor
Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire
Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire

Not only did the checkers game 3-move tournament players benefit from the challenge of pitting checkers wits against quality competition, but they could also enjoy the scenic landscape of a beautiful countryside and the local Scottish culture.

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