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Checkers Champion
Dickson Maughn

Dickson Maughn is a more mature checkers player who hails from the Caribbean island of Trinidad-Tobago. He generally participates in local tournaments as well as the checkers championship matches on the International stage of Pan-American draughts.
Over the years, Dickson has been a competitor in numerous high-ranking checkers tournaments in International draughts. Checkers champion Dickson Maughn joined Kees Thijssen (Netherlands), Ndiaga Samb (Senegal), Anthony Alexandre (Haiti), Shang Wong Louicéus (Haiti), and other checkers players in the 3rd Curaçao Open held in Willemstad, Curaçao, in October 2003. Dickson Maughn's play ended in a four-way tie with Theo Dijkstra (Neth), Stanley Moetoer (Suriname), and Clifton Agatha (Curaçao).

In January 2004, Dickson Maughn joined fellow draughts players in the unstable political climate of Haiti. Unfortunately, not all checkers masters who had entered the competition were able to make the final roster for various reasons, some unfortunately relating to the turmoil within the island. However, the competitors who played in the tournament enjoyed the hospitality of Haiti, and all remained peaceful as spectators marveled in the level of checkers play. Checkers champion Maughn placed 9th with a score of two wins, three losses, and six draws.

Also in 2004, checkers Dickson Maughn won the Port-of-Spain City Corporation’s Third Annual Draughts Championships. Maughn emerged victorious from the 46 participants in categories “A” and “B” over six rounds in a Swiss-style tournament.

Below, checkers champion Dickson Maughn is featured in a competitive game with challenger Louis Gilles of Canada, during the 12th Pan-American Championships hosted at the Cap Haitien in Haiti.

Checkers Dickson Maughn

National Draughts Champion Trinidad 2004
National Draughts Champion
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
Dickson Maughn vs Louis Gilles picture
Dickson Maughn vs Louis Gilles
Pan-American Checkers Championship
Cap Haitien, Haiti

The following year, the Trinidadian checkers player traveled the Pan-American circuit to Canada to join fifteen challengers in the 13th Pan-American Championships held in Montreal, Quebec. The tournament was represented by players from Canada, Haiti, Suriname, Brazil, USA, Grenada, Trinidad-Tobago, Curaçao, and Guadeloupe.

13th Pan-American Championships in Quebec 2005

13th Pan-American Championships in International Draughts in Montreal, Quebec 2005.

In this checkers championship, Dickson Maughn tied with his compatriot from Trinidad, Andy Charles, and both players ended the tournament play with a score of six wins, two losses, and seven draws.

The Trinidadian checkers player was also chosen by the Pan-American Draughts and Checkers Federation, PADCF, to represent the Pan-American draughts zone at the World Draughts Championships in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in October 2005. Dickson would join fellow checkers players from the Pan-American circuit: Anthony Alexandre (Haiti), Louicéus Shang Wong (Haiti), Lélio Marcos Sarçedo (Brazil), and Carlos Lorevil (Curaçao).

Although Maughn had previously not acquired any experience in the European World Draughts Championships format, where the contingency would consist of many checkers Masters and Grandmasters, this would give him a chance to develop his skills and cross board checkers game techniques.

Dickson Maughn, Amsterdam 2005

Dickson Maughn, Amsterdam 2005
World Championships in International Draughts (Checkers).

The most recent checkers game event that the Trinidadian MF player took part in was the 14th Pan-American Draughts Championships held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from February 24 to March 5, 2007.

analyzing strategic checkers moves
Analyzing strategic moves
annotating the checkers play
Annotating the checkers play
Dickson Maughn planning strategy
Dickson Maughn Planning the next checkers strategy

Each photo depicts various facets of the checkers game process: analyzing strategic moves, annotating the checkers play, concentrating on the checkerboard vista, planning the next strategy, and applying acquired skills to the best game solution while trying to achieve a win, at best hoping for a draw, but definitely praying that the next move won’t cost him a loss.

Dickson Maughn concentrating on the checkerboard picture
Concentrating on the checkerboard vista
checkerboard vista checkers game
More concentrating on the checkerboard vista
concentrating on the checkerboard vista
Still concentrating on the checkerboard vista

Of course, each day afforded the players a chance to observe their opponents play other matches.
Stanley Moetoer, Suriname
Stanley Moetoer, Suriname
Nelsen Angela, Curaçao
Nelsen Angela, Curaçao

Dickson Maughn gained further experience in this International draughts tournament and ended the checkers championship play with a record of 12 points and a tie for 5th/6th place with Francisco Marcelo of Brazil. The Pan-American scene is sure to see this Trinidadian player return to match skills across the checker board with other challengers and master opponents in future tournaments. Perhaps he will venture farther a field to test the International waters of the European circuit once more.

Ricardo Pierre and Jose Silva Filho Checkers Champions
Ricardo Pierre and Jose Silva Filho playing for the checkers championship title.

14th Pan-American Championship Checkers Players
14th Pan-American Championship Checkers Players
Sao Paolo, Brazil
Ricardo Pierre, Champion, in the center
Dickson Maughn kneeling in the front row middle, just below the champion.

The Pan-American draughts championships also brought forth other West Indian checkers game players from Aruba, Antigua, Bonaire, Barbados, Curaçao, St. Vincent, and other lesser islands. The International version of draughts has taken deeper root within the culture of the Caribbean; however, American checkers is gaining popularity and may have captured the hearts of eager checkerists as well.

Andy Charles, Trinidad
Andy Charles, Trinidad
Henry Kennepa, Aruba
Henry Kennepa, Aruba
Nelsen Angela, Curaçao
Nelsen Angela, Curaçao
Timothy Dennis, Trinidad
Timothy Dennis, Trinidad
Henry Kennepa
Henry Kennepa
Nelsen Angela
Nelsen Angela
Timothy Dennis ~ his next move
Timothy Dennis ~ his next move?
Is it a draw ~ Timothy vs Henry
Is it a draw? ~ Timothy vs Henry

Adam K. Andall (Grenada) vs Ndiaga Samb (Senegal)
Adam K. Andall (Grenada) vs Ndiaga Samb (Senegal)
World Championship, Amsterdam 2005.

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