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Checkers Champion
Shang Wong Louiceus ~ Haiti

Shang Wong Louiceus

The small island of Haiti was also the home of another great checkers champion player who has faced numerous challenging competitors across the checkerboard on the International draughts scene. Early in checkers champion Shang Wong Louiceus checkers career, his game was primarily focused toward the Pan-American arena. Shang Wong placed a close second to Anthony Alexandre in the 2003-4 Pan-American Draughts Championship in Cap Haitien, Haiti. The first and second place results in this tournament guaranteed that Anthony Alexandre and Shang Wong Louiceus also qualified for the World championship checkers match in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 2005.

At the time that both Haitian checkers players qualified to play in the World Championship match in Amsterdam, nine International players had already qualified, where the first seven were chosen from the World championship tournament of 2003 and the first two from the Pan-American championship competition. The International checkers stage has been set to witness the challenging matches between Masters and Grandmasters within the draughts circle of players: Alexander Georgiev (Russia), Alexej Tsjizjov (Russia), Guntis Valneris (Latvia), Ton Sijbrands (The Netherlands), Gérard Jansen (The Netherlands), Kees Thijssen (The Netherlands), Rob Clerc (The Netherlands), Anthony Alexandre (Haiti) and Shang Wong Louiceus(Haiti).

Champion Shang Wong Louiceus

Checkers Players at Cap Haitien, Haiti

Group Photo Checkers Players at Cap Haitien, Haiti
12th Pan-American Checkers Championships in International Draughts 2003-4

Shang Wong Louiceus contemplating his move
Shang Wong Louicéus contemplating his move.
Louis Gilles (Canada) patiently looking on
Louis Gilles (Canada) patiently looking on.

Scenes are taken from the interior setting of the Cap Haitien Hotel during the Pan-American Championships in 2003-4.

That same year, checkers champion Shang Wong Louiceus played in four consecutive international checkers competitions. He became the checkers champion of Haiti in their national checkers tournament, Le Championnat d’Haiti, and won the championship title in the 13th Guadeloupe Checkers Open.

13th Guadeloupe Open 2004 Shang Wong vs Vladimir Lubarski
13th Guadeloupe Open 2004
Shang Wong vs Vladimir Lubarski
Anthony Alexandre vs Shang Wong Louiceus 2nd Marcel-Deslauriers Memorial Ty
Anthony Alexandre vs Shang Wong Louicéus
2nd Marcel-Deslauriers Memorial Ty
Despite initially encountering visa problems to come into Canada, Shang Wong did make it to Montreal and le 2e Tournoi Mémorial Marcel-Deslauriers et Championnat du Canada au jeu de dames international (100 cases), or the 2nd Marcel-Deslauriers Memorial Tournament and 2004 Canadian Championship International Checkers or Draughts. This tournament hosted a playing field of International masters, including former U.S. World Champion, Iser Kuperman, and Abdoulaye Der from Sénégal; however, Shang Wong’s clearly displayed skills and checkerboard techniques as he took the Championship title by winning first place in the tournament. Paulvin Simon became the Canadian Champion of the mind sport during this checkers games competition.

In October 2004, checkers champion Shang Wong and Anthony Alexandre again journeyed to Willemstad, Curaçao, to participate in the 4th Curaçao Open. These young draughts enthusiasts joined the checkers stage as a host of Masters came together to face off across the checkerboard. The circle of notable players included Jean-Marc Ndjofang (Cameroon), Kees Thijssen (Netherlands), Iser Kuperman (U.S.), Ron King (Barbados), Paulvin Simon (Canada), Léopold Sekongo (Côte d’Ivoire), Ndiaga Samb and Abdoulaye Der (Sénégal), Raoul Alias and Nelsen Angela Curaçao), as well as an assemblage of fifteen checkers players from Curaçao.

This was fertile ground to test the waters with tried and true plays as well as the occasional cook or two. It was a master’s arena that offered the less-experienced international draughts players an opportunity to learn from the seasoned field experts. The checkers championship title was won by Jean-Marc Ndjofang, with Kees Thijssen placed second, Anthony Alexandre ranked third, and Shang Wong Louicéus took fourth.

In July 2005, the 13e Championnat Pan-Am érican de Dames (le jeu international 10 x 10) or the 13th Pan-American Checkers Championships in International Draughts was hosted in Montreal, Quebec. Two American GMI checkers players represented the game as master players: Iser Kuperman and Alex Mogilyanski. Other notables were Shang Wong Louicéus and Anthony Alexandre representing Haiti, José Silva Filho from Brazil, Adam Andall from Grenada, Dickson Maughn and Andy Charles from Trinidad.

The Dominican Republic and Suriname were not represented at the checker board as their players had difficulty in obtaining visas from the Canadian embassies. Anthony and champion Shang Wong arrived from Haiti late in the evening after the match had already begun and elected to play their game instead of settling for a 1:1 tie. Anthony won the game, so perhaps Shang Wong was a little more tired than he realized at the time.

The surprise in the tournament competition came when Silva Filho, who carries the title of MI, defeated the defending champion, Anthony Alexandre. The post-game commentary was that José may not be a big man, but as a checkers player ~ “what a stature”!

The championship was a continuous battle of wits and checker game strategies, one player trying to out maneuver the other. The final outcome ended with Alex Mogilyanski winning first place and taking the title of Pan-American draughts champion. Shang Wong placed a close second, José Silva Filho ranked third, and Iser Kuperman, at the young age of about 82, took fourth place. The game results between Shang Wong Louiceus and Mogilyanski were very close in that Shang Wong finished with nine wins, two losses, and four draws, whereas Alex ended with a final score of nine wins, one loss, and five draws. The difference was between a loss and a draw, and often that outcome is in the hand of a higher authority or simply the result of slightly better playing.

Pan-American Checkers Championships Montreal
Pan-American Checkers Championships
Montreal, Quebec
Shang Wong Louiceus vs Dickson Maughn
Shang Wong Louiceus vs Dickson Maughn
Montreal 2005

Simultaneous street play was part of the festivities that took place during the Festival Juste Pour Jouer/Just for Play at the same time the Pan-American competition took place. Former World Champion, Iser Kuperman, gave a demonstration of his checkers ability in simultaneous game play. Each of the contenders in the Pan-American championship also participated in the simultaneous checkers games.

José S Filho makes one of several moves
José S Filho makes one of several moves.
Shang Wong, Willem Blyheid, Michael Fortune, Louis Gilles, Dickson Maughn, and Jose S Filho
Group Camaraderie in Montreal
Shang Wong, Willem Blyheid, Michael Fortune,
Louis Gilles, Dickson Maughn, and Jose S Filho

In October 2005, Shang Wong Louiceus and his compatriot, Anthony Alexandre, entered the Quebec Championship Open match in International checkers ~ le Championnat du Qu ébec Ouvert (Jeu de dames international). Some French Canadians were quite surprised when Anthony won the tournament and became Quebec champion in international draughts, and also when Shang Wong took second place in the tournament. The two young Haitians were gradually taking the Canadian checkers scene by storm.

In early spring of 2006, checkers champion Shang Wong Louiceus placed his skills at the checkerboard in the 3rd annual checkers championship of the Montreal club of International draughts. The following announcement appeared in the local tabloids:

“Le 3e Tournoi annuel du club de Montréal au jeu de dames 100 cases Shang Wong Louiceus, nouveau champion du club! Shang Wong Louiceus succède à Vladimir Lubarski (2005) et Louis Gilles (2004) au titre de champion du club des joueurs de dames de Montréal au jeu international.”

Yes, the Haitian master player, who had recently relocated to Quebec, had won the championship title from the previous Canadian champion, Vladimir Lubarski, and was now the Champion draughts player of the Montreal club.

However, Shang Wong’s checkers success did not end there. During the summer of 2006, he entered his acquired techniques and strategic skills in the Canadian Championship, le Championnat Canadien de Jeu de dames internationals (100 cases), and once again outplayed the player roster of Canadian checkers game experts and won the championship title to become the Champion of Canada.

The most recent feat for Shang Wong Louicéus took place in January of 2007, when he tested his checkers ingénue against his fellow Canadian players. Shang Wong faced these opponents in numerous tournament settings before and knew their game. The young Haitian successfully defeated Gilles Carisse, who placed second in the championship, Louis Gilles ranking third, and Paulvin Simon, who ended in fifth place.

As of October 2007, checkers champion Shang Wong Louiceus ranked first on the Canadian checkers stage of le Jeu de dames International (100 cases) and has attained the status of MI (Master International) in accordance with the ranking system of the FMJD and the AQJD (Association québécoise des joueurs de dames). As well, champion Louicéus became the reigning checkers champion of Quebec in the International draughts arena in 2007 and is likely to challenge these opponents and perhaps world champions across the checkerboard in future world championships and International checkers competitions.

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