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2006 Checkers At Stonehaven
Ron King

Stonehaven and Harbour

Stonehaven and Harbor

Stonehaven, Scotland, hosted the 2006 British Open Checkers Tournament from July 17 to 21. There were sixteen entrants from the British Isles, Barbados, and Turkmenistan. The players’ roster featured such notable checkers masters as Ron King, Tom Watson, Colin Young, Shane McCosker, and the three older Durdyev brothers ~ Mustafa, Paraahat, and Bagtiyar.

Stonehaven's Town Hall

The checkers event was held Stonehaven’s Town Hall, and throughout the great tournament an exciting and challenging atmosphere prevailed. Spectators commented that the checkers players displayed an excellent caliber of technical skill with a few individual tricks thrown in for good measure to keep all opponents on their toes. Good sportsmanship was the theme at each checkerboard.

The successful winner of the checkers tournament was Mustafa Durdyev with a score of 30 points. He took the crown of British Open Champion from Colin Young, of Stonehaven. Ron King placed second and third with 29 points and Tom Watson from Scotland ranked fourth with 24 points.

World 3-Move Draughts/Checkers Qualifier Tournament

The St Leonard's Hotel in Stonehaven hosted the World 3-Move Qualifying Checkers/ Draughts Tournament from July 24 to 28, 2006. Twelve players took part in the championship match, including representatives from the US, Barbados, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Turkmenistan. Several contenders from the British Open participated in this title match as well.

St. Leonard’s Hotel, Stonehaven
St. Leonard’s Hotel, Stonehaven
Ron King vs former British Open Champion, Colin Young from Stonehaven
Ron King vs former British Open Checker Champion,
Colin Young from Stonehaven
Graham Young, President of Aberdeen Draughts Club and Vice President of Scottish Draughts Association responsible for organizing both events, noted the event in the Town Hall attracted the biggest ever entry with forty-two master checkers players taking part. Thirty-five of the tournament entrants stayed in accommodation within the surrounding areas of Stonehaven and everyone was impressed with the beauty of Stonehaven and the hospitality of the local residents in the area. It was commented that some of the checkerists enjoyed the Open Air Pool nearly every day.

Ron King emerged victorious as the winner of the World 3-Move Qualifying Tournament in a field of twelve Masters and Grandmasters in the checkers mind sport by placing first with a final score of twenty-three points. This championship win earned King the right to challenge current 3-Move World Champion, Alex Moiseyev, in 2007. Bagtiyar Durdyev placed second with 19 points, and beat out William Docherty, Scotland, also with 19 points by HP, while fourth place went to Jim Morrison, US, with a score of 18 points. Mustafa Durdyev also had 18 points, but ranked fifth overall.
Graham Young commented that Ron King, who enjoyed celebrity status in his hometown where he taught checkers in schools and prisons, had noted the difference in attitude towards the game in Scotland and Barbados was immense as checkers was a game that most people played in the Caribbean island at some level.
Both checkers tournaments were highly competitive and very successful events.

November 7, 2006

World GAYP Title Match Scheduled

“Ron "Suki" King of Barbados will defend his Go-As-You Please world title against Jim Morrison of Glasgow, KY, winner of the 2005 Qualifying tournament in Prague. The match will be held at the International Checker Hall of Fame in Petal, MS on Nov. 27 through Dec. 2, 2006. Alan Millhone will referee the 24 game match.”

Jim Morrison represented ACF and had contended for the GAYP World Title on two previous occasions, holding the Bajan Checkers Grandmaster, Ron King, close in score.

December 10, 2006

Ron King defends World GAYP Title

Checker Champion Jim Morrison
Checker Champion Ron King
Jim Morrison & Ron King study the checkerboard options during the World Match
Ron King of Barbados successfully defended his World GAYP Title defeating Jim Morrison of Kentucky by a score of three wins, no losses, and eighteen draws. The match, sanctioned by WCDF, was held December 4-9 at the International Checker Hall of Fame in Petal, Mississippi, and Alan Millhone acted as competition referee. Special thanks were offered to Deloris Walker for the accommodations and for her gracious hospitality. A prize fund of $3740 was split 60/40 between the two title contenders. The tournament purse came from the Derek Oldbury fund and donations made by V. Niederhoffer, R. Beckwith, A. Millhone, and S. L Green.

July 28/07
Las Vegas Sun
Lubabalo Kondlo wins GAYP US Championship

Ron "Suki" King earns $40,000 a year by teaching the game in university classrooms in Barbados and $15,000 by tutoring prison inmates. A statue of him stands in front of the grade school he attended. The former checkers world champion was given 12,000 square feet of land, on which he will build a checkers theme house, by Barbados government officials.
Sponsorship deals enable Ron King and his wife to drive Suzuki and Mitsubishi vehicles.
In many ways, the two checkers players clashed late Thursday afternoon when they met in Round 11 of the American Checker Federation (ACF) championships in the Plaza showroom.

The King (Ron King)

King, 49, is weary. He misses three flights from Barbados, which delays his arrival at the tournament until Round 5. He can't make up those lost games but nearly catches the leaders.
He looks like Caribbean royalty, from his white sandals to gold trimmed white pants, long sleeve shirt and cap, to impress potential sponsors.
"When I talk to business people, I tell them I am King Suki, not Ron King," he says. "I portray that I am a king. When you have a king, you have to give him what he wants. Right? Works all the time."
King, the reigning Go As You Please, or standard checkers, world champion, is the only man to play in 11 world title matches, and he was awarded the Barbados Service Star, his country's highest civilian national honor, in 1992.
In 1998 Ron King defeated 385 opponents in Houston simultaneously, earning him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. He hasn't lost a game in Barbados in 26 years.

Ron King gets much pleasure from his work in prisons.
"It helps them think and calculate," King says, "look at life differently."
Because he likes to trash talk, some call him the Muhammad Ali of checkers. But his weariness kept that to a minimum at the Plaza.
Against one foe, however, he left to survey games around the whole red draped and red carpeted showroom.
Against Kondlo, he shows up 13 minutes late with a bottle of cranberry juice in a white plastic bag.
Kondlo was not very pleased about King’s nonchalant attitude and had no intention of shaking King’s hand.

Congratulations to Lubabalo Kondlo and John Webster for winning 1st and 2nd place. Just 2 honor points separating 1st and 2nd place.
Lubabalo Kondlo is a 35 yrs old and originally from Port Elizabeth of Eastern Province, now living in Soweto who only lost one game, but didn't lose a round, and his first time in USA and his 1st US National Tournament.
John Webster was the leader of the pack all rounds until the last round, there was a 5 way tie with 28 points (Webster, McCosker, Kondlo, Lindsay, & Beckwith) going into the final 13th round.
Ron King predicted he would come from behind and win it w/~32, but hit draw wall with the top contenders late in tournament (Kondlo, Morrison, Nash). Ron missed his flight and arrived in Vegas Tuesday, starting his late entry in the 5th round.

Ron King (Barbados) Vs Lubabulo Kondlo (SA)
Following the receipt of a single bid for the hosting of this match it was agreed that the World GAYP Championship Match will be held at Medina, OH, USA from 8th to 13th of September 2008.

Barbados Advocate
Ron King: "I will regain Three Move Restriction Title"

Web Posted - Thru Dec 14 2006

BARBADOS WORLD draughts champion, Ronald “Suki” King, will be seeking to regain the Three Move Restriction Title (TMRT) currently being held by Alex Moiseyev of the United States of America.
Ron King’s thoughts of regaining the Three Move Restriction title comes in the wake of his recent successful defense of the Go As You Please World title against American Jim Morrison.

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