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Checkers Champion
3 Move Tournament

The summer of 2006 brought forth another challenge for the World Checkers Champion 3 Move Tournament GAYP title, and this time Ron King prepared to defend his title against compatriot checkers Grandmaster, Jack Francis. They competed for the coveted World Title in Barbados, home turf for both checkers players. The match took place between June 9 and 12, 2006, and Ron promised Jack a 6-0 beating! The Bajan checkers player, ‘King Suki’, felt strongly about his checkerboard skills and demonstrated to his native fans that he believed he would trounce Francis in this match. The following was an article written Sherrylyn A. Clarke in NationNews. Com, Barbados’ leading newspaper:

“UNDISPUTED king of the World Go-As-You-Please draughts game, Ronald "Suki'" King, plans to turn on the heat and extinguish the challenge of compatriot John "Jack" Francis. The supremely confident King, who leads the championship match 2-0 after 16 games, is keen to extend his lead when the two arch-rivals make their next moves this afternoon in the north of the island at Zachary's Bar in Speightstown.

I am a King and it is my intention to behead the Jack. Only Kings can do that. I am going to beat him 6-0. We are reaching the halfway stage and I plan to step up the pace.
"Jack will have to go into the pack and play against the others who are convinced he is not even No. 2. Jack is not in my league," King said.

On Wednesday night at Zachary's Bar & Restaurant, near the Community Center, the two draught wizards battled to draws in games 13, 14, 15 and 16. Game 13 was the highlight of the evening. It was an absorbing contest that spanned two hours and brought the best out of the two men.

Francis, a former British Open champion, is hoping that his hometown fans in Orange Hill, St James, will make the trek to St Peter today to support him. His 80 year old mother, Carmen "Lucy"' Francis, said her son was very determined and will fight all the way.
Tomorrow afternoon, King and Francis will clash again in Jubilee Gardens, the City, and on Sunday in Queen's Park.
"Suki" still king of draughts ~ this was the title of another article written on June 12, 2006, in the Bajan newspaper. Ron King had defeated Jack Francis in the World GAYP Title match and had retained his title yet again.
He defeated challenger John "Jack" Francis with a score of two wins to none during their final match when their all Bajan championship ended in the evening before a small number of spectators in Queen's Park. King had also won two games the previous Sunday at the same venue. Twenty-nine checkers games were played during the total match with twenty-seven games ending in a draw.

"Jack played the match very safely. He was contented to try not to get beaten, just lose a couple games and draw the rest," King said after the match. "Jack couldn't beat me. He had no chance to beat me. I left home without my brain, came down here and played Jack. I never used my brain in this whole tournament."
The challenger said he was "satisfied" with his performance, although it was affected by intimidation and frustration.
"I believe there is intimidation in sports, but I also believe there is a limit and the tardiness of King in the first days of the match was overdone. It was totally unjustified," Francis said. "It disturbed my focus and concentration with regards to my plans for attacks and defences in the early games. I decided after I lost the first two games to settle down and he did not get any more."

Despite attempts to bring the checkers games to the local people by playing in locations like Jubilee Gardens and Queen's Park, only a small number of spectators were in attendance to observe the checkerboard play. Top female draughts player, Joyann Branch, and National Sports Council coach, George Shepherd, were the only ones watching the early games. However, some of the men watching a cricket match between Super Center Spartan and Maple drifted over later in the evening and then Ron King's wife, Hazelin, also came to lend her support.

At the end of the twenty-nine games match, King and Francis put on a short exhibition for those who were there. Here were two checkers competitors promoting the great mind sport to those who would take the time to watch.

Edward A. Bruch National 3 Move Tournament

Following his GAYP win over Jack Francis in Barbados, ‘Suki’ King joined a players’ roster of seventeen other checkers opponents in the Masters division of the 2006 3-Move National Checkers Tournament in Medina, Ohio.

Journalist Chuck Bowen wrote:

“Barbados native, Ron King, the self-proclaimed Muhammad Ali of checkers, is the world's reigning freestyle checkers champion - the style most Americans probably learned growing up. He walks and talks like his pugilistic equivalent, playing on his surname to talk trash to his competitors. He has been called the Muhammad Ali of the checkers world for his "trash talking."

Ron King commented to Bowen:

"I'm a king. I was born a king. I've got to dress like a king," he says, referencing his traditional long shirt and cap, both tie dyed in bright purples and blues."Naturally, I came to play checkers."

“Nicknamed King Suki by his fans, the 50-year-old makes his living playing, marketing and teaching checkers in Barbados. He says he started playing the game when he was six, and eventually was making thousands of dollars playing the game for money.”

The National tournament in Medina became another checkers jewel in the King’s crown of winnings as Ron ‘Suki’ King defeated, Albeit narrowly this time, his opposition across the checkerboard. Checkers champion 3 move tournament Ron King tied with Alex Moiseyev and Richard Hallett with a score of twenty-four points, but won the competition on Honor Points. Ron held 142 HP, Alex 138, and Richard 132. King won the National 3 Move tournament but Moiseyev became the US 3 Move Champion. Alex commented later:
“Congratulations" to organizers and directors, and also all players. It was a good one - outstanding ty! I played a bit softly and not very aggressively compare with 2004. Final work on SIXTH book) took out a lot of energy.
What really cost me with Honor Points - in last round Clayton Nash beat Elbert Lowder and Richard Beckwith beat Larry Keen, which finally placed them as 6th and 4th respectively. How I can be disappointed with this 3 move tournament? I am happy and satisfy with Richard and Clay's performance. From the overall total 42 players at National Ty, only 3 or 4 left without copy of SIXTH. Ron King got one copy for himself and 4 more for his friends and Barbados players. More later...Yours, Alex.

A 3 move tournament purse of $7300 was split between the Masters and Minors divisions’ winners, and the top three finishers were also awarded trophies to commemorate their successes.

2006 Edward A. Bruch National 3 Move Tournament, Medina, Ohio

Ron observing 3-move action.
Ron observing the action.
Alex Moiseyev vs Ron King at 3-move tournament
Alex Moiseyev vs Ron King
Larry Keen vs Ron King checkers game
Larry Keen vs Ron King
Alan and Ron with trophy

Alan Millhone presenting 3-Move Tournament Winner, Ron ‘Suki’ King, with 1st place trophy.

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