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Cannes International Checkers Festival

Individual and Team European Championship Blitz

Guntis Valneris vs Alexei Tsjizjov
Guntis Valneris vs Alexei Tsjizjov
International Checkers Festival
Russian Team Winner
Russian Team Winner
Cannes International Checkers Draughts/Checkers Winners
Cannes Rapid Draughts/Checkers Winners

The Russian checkers team won first place in the European Team Championship Blitz in Rapid Draughts/Checkers during the 2007 Cannes International Checkers Festival with a final score of 13 points. The Netherlands team finished 2nd and Latvia placed 3rd.
From his first entrance into the World checkers arena in 1988, Alexei Tsjizjov has most certainly created a legacy for himself and left a mark on the game. After twenty years contesting numerous national and International checkers competitions, the Russian Grandmaster has only begun to touch the surface of game play and hopefully will enjoy many more years facing a cast of checkers opponents at the checkerboard. As time passes, Alexei takes note of his own progress in the mind sport and the development of his tactical attack and board strategies, so much so he will surely amass a few more crowns before he finally decides to retire the checker pieces.

Alexei TsjizjovAlexei Tsjizjov 1Alexei Tsjizjov 2Alexei Tsjizjov3

For decades now, tournament organizers in the checkers arena have tried very hard to create an interesting venue and varied agenda in the mind sport environment. Apart from offering the master checkers players excellent cuisine and a friendly atmosphere that encourages fellowship and camaraderie and also the possibility of establishing life long friendships. The checkers arena has offered such events as a beach blitz, park blitz, open air street blitz and disco blitz plus a host of other activities depending on the tournament location to give the masters and Grandmasters at the checkerboard something a little different aside from sitting within a room from hours on end gazing at the checkered game board. International checkers festivals have time to enjoy the faces and expressions of each opponent. Some matches do become deeply intense and emotional, while others are more relaxed and fun with jovial moments. All in all, international checker games session offers the participants lots of experiences and lifetime memories.

Axioma Open Beach Blitz players
Axioma Open Beach Blitz
Axioma Open Beach Blitz games
Axioma Open Beach Blitz
Axioma Open Beach Blitz International
Axioma Open Beach Blitz
Delft Open Open Air Blitz Den Haag Park
Delft Open Open Air Blitz
Den Haag
Delft Open Open Air Blitz Games
Delft Open Open Air Blitz
Den Haag
Checkers at Park Blitz Den Haag
Park Blitz
International Checkers
Den Haag

Within the International checkers arena, the world has seen the emergence of many skilled and innovative checker players, who have become masters at the checkered game board over the last decade. Moreover, the European interest in the mind sport is so strong, especially in the Netherlands and Russia that there undoubtedly are novice and Intermediate checkerists waiting on the sidelines, hoping their turn will come soon.

In the travels on the checkers road with Ton Sijbrands, Harm Wiersma, Alex Baljakin and Alexei Tsjizjov, other greats have made themselves known in checkers competitions and are leaving a serious mark in the checker circuit. The checkers game will benefit from the expertise of these Grandmaster players.

Many other talented champion checker players have been part of the International checkers circuit and have made a great impact on the game board as well as major contributions to the mind sport throughout the late 20th and early 21st century ~ Kees Thijssen, Alexander Georgiev, Alexander Scwarzman, Guntis Valneris, Hans Jansen, Rob Clerc and Ron Heusdens, to name only a few masters who regularly sit at the checkerboard facing opponents in challenging competition with those little disks called checkers.

Players at the International Checkers Festival

Guntis Valneris Latvia
Guntis Valneris
Alexander Georgiev Russia
Alexander Georgiev
Alexander Schwarzman Netherlands
Alexander Schwarzman
Kees Thijssen from Russia
Kees Thijssen

The Dutch and Russian checkers players have certainly dominated the checkers scene for many years, though perhaps there is change coming with more French, Italian, Middle Eastern and African checkerists becoming involved in tournament and World Cup play.

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