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Noteworthy International Checkers Players

Checkers Players Aleksei Tšižov ~ Alexei Tsjizjov
Checkers Players Aleksei Tšižov ~ Alexei Tsjizjov again
Checkers Players Aleksei Tšižov ~ Alexei Tsjizjov after
Checkers Players Aleksei Tšižov ~ Alexei Tsjizjov international game
Aleksei Tšižov ~ Alexei Tsjizjov
1964 ~ present

Amongst numerous successful and noteworthy International checkers players, Alexei Roedolfowitsj Tsjizjov, spelled Алексей Чижов in Russian, has become one of the most prominent cross board players of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.
Alexei was born in Izhevsk, Udmurtia, in the Soviet Union in 1964 and still lives in this Russian city that is situated at the foot of the Urals. His name over the years has also been transliterated as "Alexei Chizhov" or "Aleksey Chizhov" in the various noteworthy checkers competitions and tournament sites.

The Russian Grandmaster first learned to play checkers on the smaller 8 x 8 checkerboard at the age of six and then later at twelve moved on to play the game on the International 10 x 10 checkered game board.
Alexei first traveled to the Netherlands in 1982 in the International checkers match between the Soviet Union and the Netherlands, where he displayed an impressive score of 2 wins, no losses and 2 draws against Ron Heusdens. Later, in the same year, Tsijizjov finished in 9th place in the high ranking Kislowodsk Russian checkers tournament.
In 1983, the young international checkers player Russian won the Championship title of the Soviet Union and then Alexei participated in the World Youth Checkers Championship at Westerhaar and won first place to become jeugdwereldkampioen or Youth World Champion in International checkers with a 10 wins, 0 losses and 5 draws score in the tournament and a 3 wins, 0 losses and 2 draws in the checkers match against international checkers player Andrei Keisels. During these formative years in the checkers arena, Tsjizjov regularly played in competitions in the Northeast Netherlands and eventually became a member of the International Apeldoorn checkers club.

From as early as 1988, Alexei Tsjizjov declared a dominance in the World Checkers Championship as the Grandmaster player with the most World Titles to his name. He won his first checkers World title in Paramaribo with a final score of 8 wins, no losses and 11 draws.

To date, international checkers player Alexei has won the World title ten times since that first win early in his checkers career. He has won more world championships than any other checkers player since Isidore Weiss almost a century ago. The contenders in the World Championship checkers competition either contested in a tournament or a match specifically played by the World title defender and the challenger, as is seen in Alexei’s championship history.

International Checkers Players

Anatoli Gantwarg, Alexei Tsjizjov, & Ton Sijbrands

Anatoli Gantwarg, Alexei Tsjizjov, & Ton Sijbrands
Paramaribo, Suriname World Championship in International Checkers
1988 Tournament

Alexei Tsjizjov World Championship Titles in International Checkers

Alexei Tsjizjov Picture

Alexei Tsjizjov tied with Ton Sijbrands in the WC checkers match in Amersfoort with a score of one win, one loss and 18 draws, but as Alexei was defending champion he retained his World Champion status in International checkers.

Player Alexei Tsjizjov WC match

In the following World championship tournament, the young Russian checker player played a series of 19 checkers games against notable international checkers player champions of the checkerboard such as Mamina N’Diaye, Souleymane Ba, Guntis Valneris, Anatoli Gantwarg, the late Iser Koeperman, the late Jannes van der Wal, Macodou N’Diaye, Ton Sijbrands, Rob Clerc and others. Alexei won the competition in Groningen, Netherlands, and retained his title with a score of 29 points out of a possible 38, giving him 11 wins, one loss and 7 draws, while Guntis Valneris finished 2nd and Ton Sijbrands placed 3rd in the checkers competition.

Player Ton Sijbrands gets 3rd place

Ton Sijbrands refused a checkers match against Guntis Valneris and this resulted in a match of 16 games being played for the World title in Tallinn, Estonia; in the final World Championship checkers match against international checkers player Guntis Valneris, Alexei Tsjizjov defeated the Latvian GMI with a final record of 22-10 with 6 wins, 0 losses and 10 draws to once again become the World Champion in International checkers.

Sijbrands refused Picture

Alexei won the World Championship checkers tournament in Toulon, France, where the World champion played against a roster of Grandmasters from Europe and the U.S. international checkers players ~ Ton Sijbrands, Harm Wiersma, Guntis, Valneris, Anatoli Gantwarg, Gerard Hansen, N’diaga Samb, Rob Clerc, Fidele Nimbi and Alex Mogiljankski and Iser Koeperman from across the seas; Alexei scored a total of 37 points in 23 checkers games and retained his World title yet again with an end result of 14 wins, no losses and 9 draws.

Alexie won tournament

Using Plaster Molds 1993
International checkers player Harm Wiersma contested for the World title in a match versus Alexei Tsjzjov played in Izhevsk, Russia, in December 1993 and in Friesland, Netherlands in January 1994 with the final outcome of Tsjizjov defeating the Dutch Grandmaster 22~18 with 2 wins, no losses and 18 draws; this was a very close checkers World competition.

Harm Wiersma contested checkers title

Guntis Valneris had won the 1994 World Championship checkers title so the following year brought Valneris face to face across the checkerboard in a 31 game match against Alexei Tsjizjov, contesting for the title; the series of games were played in four sets in Yakutsk with Tsjizjov placing first with 4 wins, 2 losses and 25 draws and thus recapturing the World checkers title.

International Checkers Players Shake

Tsjizjov and other checkers Grandmasters from across the seas traveled to Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, for the World Championship tournament in November ~ international checkers players Alexander Schwarzman, Alexander Getmanski, Alexander Baljakin, Leopold Sekongo, Anatoli Gantwarg, Rob Clerc, Guntis Valneris and others; Alexei had played challenged these opponents before, using his checkers strategies and cross board techniques and again through his skill he was able to defeat the roster of game masters by acquiring a total of 15 points in 11 games and finishing with 4 wins, no losses, and 7 draws.

International Players Prepare

On March 11 & 12, international checkers player Rob Clerc challenged Alexei in a competition match for the World title, held in Groningen, Netherlands and they tied with 6 draws in regular game play, but then Tsjizjov won the checkers match in Rapid draughts with one win and one draw.

Rob Clerc international checkers match

World Championship checkers tournament was held in Moscow and featured a roster of renowned masters of the checkerboard including regulars like international checkers players Alexander Georgiev, Alexander Schwarzman, Alexander Getmanski, Rob Clerc and Anatoli Gantwarg, but this competition also hosted the checkers talents of African players such as Jean-Marc Ndjofang, Flaubert Ndonzi, Leopold Kouogueu and Bassirou Ba to make the playing field that much more interesting as well as challenging; however, the young Russian champion still held tight onto the checkers reins and finished first in the race to the title by a final score of 22 points acquired in 16 games, consisting of 6 wins, no losses, and 10 draws.

Moscow checkers roster

Amsterdam, Netherlands, hosted the World Championship tournament in checkers to accommodate a roster of well known Grandmasters in the mind sport; after several 2nd place checkers matches against Alexander Georgiev, Alexei Tsjizjov placed first and regained his World title, whereas Guntis Valneris finished 2nd and Alexander Baljakin ranked 3rd in the world checkers arena; end score was only a one point differential between Gold, Silver and Bronze in the world cup with Alexei finishing with 15 points, Guntis with 14 points and Alex with 13 points out of 22 points overall.

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