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Checkers Champion
Herman Hoogland

Checkers Champion Herman Hoogland Young Checkers Champion Herman Hoogland Middle Age Checkers Champion Herman Hoogland Old
Checkers Games between 1891-1955

The checkers champion Herman Hoogland was born in Utrecht, Netherlands, and his interest in checkers began as a youth, but he spent his early years in the game developing his checkerboard techniques and honing his skills, so it wasn't until the age of seventeen, in 1908, when Hoogland commenced playing checkers competitively.
The young player dominated the game across the checkerboard for over a decade, and was one of the earliest checkers players in the 2-Move Restriction style. Herman spent time in serious study over game openings and later devised an alternative opening that was called ‘Holland’ opening. He was also known as a checkers player with a special way of attacking his opponents in the offensive position and his moves became known as the ‘Hoogland attack’.

However, Herman also quickly discovered that too often checkers games would end in a draw and he wanted to change some of the basic rules or game theory to enhance each player’s chances of winning more often. He did change the format of play in allowing more movement both horizontally and vertically on the checkerboard, though other players did not often agree with his style of game.

Hoogland befriended master players, Jack de Haas and Alfred Molimand, and learned a lot about cross board play from them. In 1909 and 1911, Herman placed 2nd behind de Haas in the Dutch national checkers championship.
Also, in 1911, he played a friendly game with French World Champion, Isodore Weiss, whom he just barely defeated with a score of 11-9.

Herman Hoogland’s triumph happened in 1912 when he won the World Championship Title in checkers and became the first draughts World Champion from the Netherlands. Unfortunately, this was Hoogland’s only World Title win during the course of his checkers career.

In 1913, he won the National Championship in the Netherlands, and the following year he had planned to travel to Canada to play against Canadian checkers champions but WW1 pre-empted that plan. However, because of his serious interest in developing the game of checkers, Herman became involved in the Utrecht Regional Checkers Association. From 1923 onward he became an advocate for a different way of playing the game and launched this new system of play entitled ‘De Nieuwe Speelwijze’ by Herman Hoogland, which was a prospectus detailing his modifications to existing rules to allow for more winning opportunities.

When the World Championship title match was once again played in 1925, Hoogland defended his World Title against a roster of experienced players but lost to Stanislas Bizot of France.

He continued to play competitively but did not regain the World Title; however, his interest was also taken up with the promotion of the checkers gain both locally and regionally within the Netherlands, and then he became enamored with the English style of draughts or American checkers played on a checkerboard of 64 squares, and became involved in developing new techniques within that style.

The first World Checkers Champion from the Netherlands died as a result of a heart attach in 1955, but his unique approach to the game of checkers is a legacy in its own right.

Checkers Champion
Piet Roozenburg

Checkers Champion Piet
Played Checkers Games between 1924-2003

Piet Roozenburg was a Dutch draughts/checkers player from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Professionally Piet worked as an economist, but he developed a love for the challenge facing an opponent across the checkerboard.

Roozenburg was the reigning World Checkers Champion from 1948 until 1954, and with four world titles was one of the strongest checkers champion players in the world during that time period. In 1948, when he defeated defending World Checkers Champion Pierre Ghestem from France, Piet received the award of Sportsman of the Netherlands.

Checker Champion Piet Roozenburg vs Pierre Ghestem
Piet Roozenburg vs Pierre Ghestem
World Checkers Championship of 1948
Checker Champion Piet Roozenburg vs Wim de Jong
Piet Roozenburg vs Wim de Jong

Amsterdam 1964
Wim van der Sluis
watching the checker champion moves

In the same way that Hoogland studied adaptations to various openings and checker moves, Roozenburg was also so inclined and was an important figure in the checkers game in the Netherlands draughts arena because he created his own opening, which was entitled ‘Roozenburg opening’ and the ‘flankspels systeem’ or the "Roozenburg system", which was a new system of attack against the checkerboard opponent. Piet was so intrigued by the game that he wrote numerous articles on the game.

In 1956, Roozenburg defended his World Championship title against the Canadian checkers champion, Marcel Deslauriers, from Montreal, Quebec, but was not able to maintain his hold over the match, and ending in being defeated by Marcel.

Through the course of his checkers career, Piet participated in numerous national and International competitions and tournaments and always played a strong challenging cross board game against his opponents. In 1972 he contested in the Suikertoornoi (Checkers Champion Sugar Tournament) in Amsterdam and later became known for his involvement in the Nijmegen NOAD.

Checkers Grandmaster Roozenburg

The Grandmaster possessed a sharp analytical skill and intuitive board techniques, but was also know for his friendly personality. During the last couple of years of his checkers career, checkers champion Roozenburg was less active in tournaments, but the game was still an important part of his life. He passed away in Ochten in 2003, having given the world of International checkers much throughout his life.

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