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Wednesday, June 2

We went over more games and checker match openings at breakfast. Alex mentioned his new attack against the 11-16 opening (an opening that a couple Barbados players were playing). I knew it well, since Alex beat me on that line enroute to winning the 2004 April Illinois state checkers tournament. (Alex went on to win that tournament by one point ahead of me.) Alex showed a few formations of this opening attack. I still didn't know as much play on it as I would like, but it was becoming evident that conventional published play was not enough to beat the well versed Barbados team, so I thought I would give the Alex attack a try if the opportunity arose.

Barbados Boat Trip Vacation

Today finally featured my first excursion of my Barbados Boat Trip vacation. A van came by the hotel to pick up Alan Millhone and family, Michael Holmes and girlfriend Erin, Sue and Al Tucker, Alex Moiseyev, Mickey Webster, Gerry Lopez and myself to a Barbados boat trip. The van took us to a docking area near the edge of Bridgetown. Glynn Howell, well-known Barbados checker player, met us there. To board the catamaran, we had to wade through shallow water and board a small, steep ladder. The Barbados boat trip cost $25 apiece.

Barbados measures 14 by 21 miles. The west and south side of the island feature calmer waters and is best for swimming. The west side is also richer and has the most expensive hotels and resorts. Our four hour boat trip took us North along the west side of the island and back. A boat trip completely around the island would take 5-14 hours, depending on wind conditions. I found the ride very enjoyable with a wonderful breeze. The day was partly sunny, as everyday here seemed to be. While on our Barbados boat trip we first saw Bridgetown. The bank building where we played checkers was readily visible--this appeared to be the tallest building in Bridgetown. We also passed a Carnival cruise liner that was docked. Further up the coast we saw many posh resorts and homes, including some that have recently housed celebrities. One seaside resort cost $185,000 per week to rent. Mel Gibson stayed there last. At the furthest point of our trip, we saw a cement factory that the boat captain despised. The plant was expensive to maintain and not environmentally friendly, in his opinion. On the return boat trip, we saw two sea turtles bobbing out of the water, and we also experienced a brief shower for a few minutes. Gerry Lopez seemed to have a tough time with clothing articles on this boat trip. He left his jacket behind at the docking area. Then his cap was sucked through a hatch in the side of the boat. (Both items were recovered OK). Glynn Howell took a few group pictures after we reached shore.

After a quick lunch, we headed for our evening match session. I was first paired with 'Schoolboy' Williams, who's a solid player. Wouldn't you know it...he opened the game with 11-16, so now was the time to test the new Alex attack. He appeared to be thrown off by the new play and got into a weak mid-game, which resulted in my second win. My next opponent Junior Walrond played 11-16 too (and was apparently unaware of the Williams game I just had). Walrond found a good defense cross board, and I drifted into trouble after misplaying the mid-game position. Due to the newness of the opening, we both consumed a lot of time on our time clocks. In the late mid-game, I went down a man for an early king, but appeared to be in a loss. After much thought, I finally ventured a move and punched my time clock, only to find that my button was already down. Unfortunately for Mr. Walrond, we were unaware that he never hit the clock after his last move, and his flag fell while I was studying the board for my move. He had to forfeit the game. This created momentary disruption, but the referees let the result stand, as this was a clear time forfeit.

The U.S. had a huge day today. By our headcount on the bus ride back, we went from two down to 5 wins ahead. Alex was winning half his games for the week, and was being as dominant for us as Ron King was for the Barbados team. Things were finally looking good for the U.S. team.

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