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Barbados Hotel

Tuesday, June 1st

Our daily routine during the tournament was to eat breakfast around 9:00, eat lunch around 2:30. Checkers match starts in front of the Barbados hotel at 4:00 for our ride to Bridgetown. Since we were allotted supper, the hotel restaurant provided meals to go. Play ended at 11:00 each night, since that was the latest our driver could work to return us to the Barbados hotel.

Frequently our Barbados Hotel lunch and menu options were either fish or chicken. Some days the lunch was a ‘buffet’, which seemed to mean that we had to walk over to two containers of hot food and fill our own plates. I found the food good, but it tended to get repetitive after a while. Sometimes our take out supper consisted of a piece of chicken, some rice, and a few lettuce leaves a $15 dollar dinner in US money at menu price. After each meal, we had to sign off a receipt so the hotel could track meal expenses.

Some of the players spent the early part of the day in the Barbados hotel gazebo by the ocean reviewing openings. I took a walk down the neighborhood street and found a small souvenir shop that carried a lot of items. At last, I found a place that seemed to have reasonable prices. I ran into Gerry Lopez and John Webster's wife, Mickey on the way back. Mickey bought half a watermelon from a nearby street-side vendor at reasonable price, so Gerry and I went over there and bought the other half.
Barbados was originally British, but they gained their independence in the 1960s. Nevertheless, I saw many similarities to the United Kingdom, such as cars driving on the left side of the road. People commonly say 'holiday' and 'draughts' when referring to vacation and checkers. There are many traffic circles (roundabouts) on the roads. Road signs say, 'give way' instead of 'yield.' Barbados produces a lot of sugar cane. Other products they make include rum and Banks beer. Alan's wife, Vicki used this morning to visit the rum factory.

Today our trip to the playing site took us by a ravine near two busy four lane city roads where cows were grazing by the roadside. Bridgetown also features several nightclubs and restaurants, pool halls, outdoor barbecues, etc. There are few familiar chains, but we did see KFC and Shell. There were no McDonald's, but we did see several 'Cheffette's, which looked like the same fast food concept.

Barbados Hotel by 11:00

Our opening round today ran a long time. Those American checkers players were who not finished with the latter round by 11:00, had to take a taxi home if they chose to continue playing. The last taxi was only available to Barbados hotel by 11:00 each night. I squeaked by with draws on a couple games (one of which featured a new Gene Lindsay defense that he shared on Sunday), but I gained my first win against an opponent who consistently opened with the inferior 10-15 move. Nevertheless, Ron King continued to manufacture wins, and the U.S. had a rough day overall. After three rounds and two days of play, the Barbados checkers team moved ahead to a two-win game lead.

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