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Checkers Championships

The competitive spirit is a natural human phenomenon for the challenge of the game checkers. For the thrill of chasing a new victory, for the power and prestige neatly embedded in a coveted world checkers championship title, or simply because the elemental essence of competition is supremely gratifying.

Whereas many physical sports capture a prominent place in the daily newspaper, are highlighted on the evening news, or become the feature story in a leading international glossy magazine, mind sports such as Checkers and Draughts championships, take a humble back seat in the shadows.

This is not to say that these championship checkers games are inferior in the total realm of sports, but merely that they have a vastly different and unique audience and playing field. True, the most physical activity in a strenuous game of Checkers is the dexterity of fingers, the stamina of back muscles and posture for hours on end sitting in a chair, bent over a checkerboard and the emotional energy spent in strategizing and trying to outmaneuver a checkers opponent; however, ideally, the ultimate goal within both competitive environments is to play the best and be the best sportsman possible.

For many generations, Checkers/Draughts championships have been played on a competitive playing field with tournament rules and penalties in place. Titles and awards have been given to the victorious sportsman. As a result of this arena, the World Draughts/Checkers Federation developed checkers game championship guidelines and promoted the expansion of this mind sport. This governing body encouraged countries in the various confederations around the world to both host checkers game championship tournaments and to send participating players and teams to compete at different levels suitable to the age and expertise of the player.

Across the globe, numerous checkers federations, associations and clubs hold a variety of tournament in International draughts, American checkers, English draughts and Brazilian 64 checkers. These competitions are open to men, women and youth in the novice, intermediate and master levels of checkers play. Awards such as trophies, cups and cash prizes are awarded to Gold, Silver and Bronze winners. In some checkers game championships, special awards are also presented for outstanding achievement or exceptional play.

Competitive play is reflected in challenging checkers games in the club, district, regional, national and international arenas. Some championships checkers/draughts tournaments have been hosted as a regular part of mind sport activity over the past ten to fifteen years, while others are still in their infancy. However, as more players take a serious interest in the checkers game championships, a greater need for more competitions becomes apparent. Fortunately, both clubs and sponsors are coming forth to meet this new demand in the mind sports arena.

Checkers Championships
and Draughts Championships

The benefit of so many tournaments and checkers championships and draughts championships appearing in the checkers circuit is that it allows all players a choice of where and how many competitions in which to participate. Only in the World Checkers Championships does a player have to win a seeded position in order to participate in the match play.

Both the FMJD (Federation Mondiale de Jeu de Dames) and the WCDF (World Checkers Draughts Federation) post tournament information on their web sites, as do many other federations, associations and individual checkers clubs. The following is a small sampling of what competition is available to the avid checkers gamer.

International Draughts/checkers 100 square:

  • World Championship Men, Women, and Youth, hosted in different locations.

  • World Championships Juniors and Girls.

  • European Confederation Cup.

  • Balt Cup checkers competition.

  • Cannes International and National Championship and Blitz for regular checkers and Rapid Draughts.

  • European Championships Veteran’s.

  • World Championships Blitz.

  • World Teams Championships.

  • Russian Championship for Men and Women.

  • Championship of Belgium.

  • German Championship.

  • Dutch Team’s Championship.

  • Bovec Open checkers tournament.

  • Brunssum Checkers Game Championships Open.

  • Championnat de France (Championship of France).

  • Nederlands Kampioenschap Dammen (Netherlands Checkers Championship).

  • Bijlmer International Checkers Tournament.

  • Hiltex-Zeeland Open Championship.

  • Amersfoort Open Checkers Championships.

  • Den Haag Open Checkers Championships.

  • Delft DuWo Kennistad Checkers Festival.

  • Italian Championships.

  • Mongolian Championships.

  • Polish Championships.

  • Mori International Checkers Tournament.

  • African Championships.
International Checkers ~ Pan-American Federation:

  • Pan-American Senior Championships.

  • Pan-American Junior Games.

  • Open Guadeloupe Checkers Championships.

  • Open Suriname Checkers Championships.

  • Curacao Open Checkers Championships.

    American Checkers, English Draughts and Brazil 64:
  • All-Irish Open Championship.

  • Danish Open Checkers Championships.

  • English Open Checkers Championships.

  • Northern Ireland Open Checkers Championships.

  • Scottish Open Stonehaven.

  • US National Seniors Tournament.

  • US National Youth Checkers Tournament.

  • Brazil 64 World Championship.

  • Brazil 64 Checkers Tournament.

  • Brazil 64 World Youth Checkers Championship.

A lot of time and organization goes into these checkers game competitions to ensure that Federation rules and regulations are adhered to and also to offer the checkerboard opponents new opportunities to display their skills and witness new strategies and game tactics first hand. Of course, for many titles, prizes and trophy or cup awards are worth seeking the ultimate checker game championships win.

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