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Checkers Game Champions
of the 20th Century

As time moved forward at a steady pace and one era rolled into another, the game of Checkers/Draughts gained greater popularity outside of Great Britain and Europe, and quickly took root in North America, though more so in the United States than in Canada.

It was no longer a mind sport dominated by Scottish checker masters, but one that saw the appearance of new names and faces from the early days of the 20th century.
Changes within the game took place as well. The Two-Move Restriction gave way to the Three-Move Restriction, a format that has gained a faithful following for decades in Europe as it created a more challenging environment for Checkers/Draughts; however, GAYP (Go-As-You-Please) is still played by many and it, too, shares World Championship games, but these tournaments are more prevalent in the U.S. and West Indies, than in Europe. Pool Checkers has developed a strong arena of players in the southern U.S., and has given birth to numerous champions with technical skill and innovative talent.

Then as the checkers game champions of the 20th century moved towards the 21st century, Checkers was no longer solely a sport dominated by men and young boys. Young women took a serious interest in the game, and now women wage battles over the checkerboard as well.

Europe and North America still appear to dominate the world checkers scene, though there are also numerous masters who play GAYP in the West Indies, and during the mid-20th century, Africa stepped up to the Checkers table and has brought forth some talented and skilled players ever since.

Since time has wrought many new and accomplished champion checker players, only some key figures will be discussed in this section, but many Checkers/Draughts Federations and Associations offer a myriad of information for the checker champion enthusiast. The emphasis is more on a chronological development of the interest in Checkers rather than a comparison between countries or regions since the growth of this checkers game sport has spread well across the continents.

Checkers Champions of the Past

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