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Checkers Game Champions
of the Past Eras

The checkers game champions of the past eras, Checkers/Draughts will be used interchangeably here because the roots of the traditional games are the same, with Draughts as the parent of the more modern version of Checkers. Most of the champions of past eras played Draughts and this section is devoted to these great checkers game players.

When you take a walk into history, especially searching for biographical data on past legends, it is often necessary to look in every dusty nook and darkened cranny to unearth little tidbits here and there. Checkers champions of the past eras is now a deep subject. Eventually, through doggedness and perseverance, some checkers champions past information comes to light. However, it becomes a little more difficult when these noted figures were champions of the rather obscure game of Checkers/Draughts in the early days of its inception.

Somewhere along that long corridor into the checkers games of the past, it was discovered that the first World Checkers Champion was Andrew Anderson (1799-1861) of Braidwood, Scotland.

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