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Current Checkers Tournaments in the USA.

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Checkers Player Nelsen Angela

Nelsen Angela Curaçao 1999

Nelsen Angela picture

Young checkers player Nelsen Angela has moved on from the Junior checkers circuit and commands quite a presence in the International stage today competing in the Senior Pan-American Championships and other International checkers tournaments.

The countries that were represented in the championship checkers match were:
Bonaire (1)
Curaçao (5)
Suriname (1)
Trinidad & Tobago (7)

The Round Robin format was set as a 13 round play down. The winner and champion of the checkers tournament was checkers player Nelsen Angela.

The 3rd Junior checkers championship took place in Paramaribo, Suriname. The contenders came from Brazil, Curaçao, Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago. Twelve boys and eight girls challenged each other at the checkerboard for the checkers championship title.

Then in 2004, the Junior championship tournament was back in Curaçao and a now familiar roster of players met to face off at the checkerboard in a round robin series of checkers games. The usual countries sent young hopeful representatives, but this year a new player had been invited to participate in the Junior checkers championship ~ a young grade six player, Emma Munits, from Thornhill, Ontario, Canada.

Two years later, the 5th Pan-American Checkers/Draughts Junior Championship was offering a venue in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

The players’ roster included a field of 10 teenage boys and 6 teenage girls:

Aruba Thiago Gomez
Albertico Arends
Canada Emma Munits
Curaçao Rishaira Giterson
Turani Lodriguez
Vivian Troncon
Bonaire Chio Feng
Brazil Humberto Bifolco
Curaçao Mijail Eisden
Quincy Lopez
Gedion van Eiken
St. Maartens Oneida Arrindell
Trinidad Marcus Ramsundar
Devan Rampersad
John Mowassie
Anita Ramsundar

2006 Pan-American Checkers Champions Players

Pan-American Youth Checkers Players
Champions in Port of Spain, Trinidad
(Lily Karmi, Emma Munits’ coach is in blue).

Young Emma Munits was the only checkers youth representative from outside the Caribbean/South American sector and again she traveled from Canada with her coach and escort, Lily Karmi. Lily’s checkers expertise was put to good use in this tournament, as she took part as the referee for the girls’ championship games.

Pan-American Youth Checkers Championships Pan-American Youth Checkers Champion Nelson Angela

2006 ~ Pan-American Youth Checkers Championships,
Players ~ Emma Munits vs Vivian Troncon
Gedion van Eiken vs Albertico Arends.

Facing the opponent, young minds contemplated the checkerboard and analyzed the best strategy to take with the next move. These future checkers masters were getting the best exposure possible in this competitive arena. Checkers player Nelson Angela is destined to become a checkers champion.

Pan-American Youth Checkers Championships Girls
Turani Lodriguez
Oneida Arrindel
Curaçao Brazil
Pan-American Youth Checkers Championships Boys
Humberto Bifolco
John Mowassie
St. Maarten, Trinidad

The checkers games in each division were played very close. Players Vivian Troncon and Turani Lodriguez tied with 8 points and Rishaira Giterson followed right behind with 7 points. Humberto Bifolco won the first place in the boy’s division with 16 points, checkers player Gedion van Eiken placed 2nd with 14 points and Chio Feng ranked 3rd with 13 points. In 4th place came Quincy Lopez with 12 points and Mijail Eisden ranked 5th with 11 points.

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